Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thrifty Finds

It was so busy before Christmas I never did get time to post some of my thrifting finds, so this post is going to be a combination - pre-Christmas and post-Christmas.  We'll get the Pyrex out of the way first.....

Butterfly Gold 401, purchased at Value Village for $3.99

Homestead 045 bought at Value Village for $5.99 - I have a snowflake charcoal one as well, they're the best size for a roast or chicken.

Another Spice of Life canister

I blogged about my Christmas treasures and forgot this lovely 402 Dots bowl that my good friend, Sharon from Florida sent me - I did blog about it on The Pyrex Collective though - she sent me such a fun package - I loved everything and thank you very much, Sharon!!

I found this old tin toy at the Salvation Army - price - 25 cents!!!  It twirls around - I tried to show the back of it, that's why the picture is sort of sideways!

The original price is still on this box of muffin cups - 19 cents - I paid $3 for a box of goodies including this at Saint Vincent de Paul.

It was 75 cents for these three old Christmas albums - love the Snoopy one!!

This is the second Vera scarf I've found - price - $1.99.  It's a Verasheer!!  No ladybug by the signature name though, but I'll keep looking, will it be me to get a ladybug first or Carol out in Alberta?  I ordered this book to find out about all things Vera - it's so nice....

Vera - The Art and Life of an Icon

I purchased a bunch of other goodies too, I signed up for an Etsy Shop today so I'm going to start researching, listing and hopefully, selling a few things.  So many bloggers are selling on Etsy, I think it's about time I give it a try.

I'm linking up for Thrift Share Monday ,  Flea Market Finds at Her Library Adventures and Vintage Thingie Thursday


  1. What a great buy on the pyrex. I found a great blue snowflake casserole in mint condition for $12, my girlfriend talked me in to selling it to her!
    love the muffin tin box, love paper and the graphics.

  2. You know I've never roasted meat or chicken in my Pyrex, but no issues with the duration/temperature in the oven you've experienced?

  3. Nice assortment of Pyrex dishes. I have one like dots except my dots are red.

  4. I love the album collection! Frosty was written by a West Virginian so I'm partial to that one :)

  5. You found some awesome things! Love that Vera scarf! hugs, Linda

  6. Some great find there, I remember those spice of life canister!

  7. Congrats on finding the Vera scarf! I posted my "once in a lifetime" Vera find today. I'm excited about the book. I'll have to look that up!

  8. That Vera scarf is terrific! Good luck setting up your Etsy shop- let us all know when it's up and running.