Monday, March 12, 2012


I imagine the thrift shops will soon be bursting with new treasures in the next few weeks when spring hits - hope so, because there sure hasn't been much good stuff.  It's not very often that I don't find something, but all I managed to find were three Spring Blossom Dinner Plates.  I was happy to get those, though, now I have six, they're my "extra" plates. I did find some more "stuff" though...

Dynaware Brown Floral   - Pyr-O-Rey - made in Mexico - this little casserole measures approximately 4 inches across the bottom.  It's cute!!!  Pyrex Love has a little blurb about Dynaware, which is often mistaken for Pyrex.

How about a cup of coffee in a retro Sanka mug?   I'm selling this mug on  Ebay if  you'd like to check it out.  

I've never seen mugs like this - this one is for sale too

This sweet little Holly Hobbie bud vase is from 1981, part of the Designer Collection, I never find things like this - it's for sale too.

I found a couple of these in the summer at a yard sale and the lady told me they were shortening containers.  It's funny how sometimes a comment can trigger your memory - I remember my grandmother having those - they're from Proctor and Gamble, I've seen them on line identified as a coffee can - I don't think so....

Now I'm on the hunt for Eloise Wilkin illustrated Golden Books, I hardly ever see Golden Books and if I do, they are newer ones but I spotted this one at Value Village for 49 cents.  Since I did my post the other week on  Eloise Wilkin illustrations, I've been on the lookout for more books - I say I'll have them for the day when I have a grandchild.  Hah!!

Some Easter fixins for 50 cents - I bought a bag of similar ones at Christmas  -  I made a wreath with them,  not sure what I'll do with these ones...

Finally found another Vera scarf - $1.99 at Value Village - they've been very scarce lately too.

It's Monday so time to link up with Flea Market Finds ,Apron Thrift Girl and for the first time - Thrifty Love


  1. Spring blossom is my pattern I got when I was married, I had not idea there were so many pieces!

  2. I love the tin! Great finds. Awesome blog... I am now a follower :-)

  3. that shortening container is AWESOME!!!!!! and i love that sanka cup. what's up with caffein spelled without an e?

  4. oh, and i'm following you on pinterest now too. I'm Leah Daehling/moxiethrift on there. :)

  5. thanks so much for linking up at cap creations! love the dishes and the shortning/coffee/what ever it is container is very cool!

  6. Oh what a darling little Golden Book! What a lovely thing to collect. I think I'll pop in & see your post about Eloise Wilkin in a sec. Cute Easter bits too...maybe a kind of garland would work. I have just found instructions for dyeing eggs pretty colours using natural stuff...think I might have a go. Much love Catherine x

  7. That is such a bright print on the Vera scarf! I tend to expect them to be all muted and pastelly like the one I found but there must have been a wide variety of prints.

  8. Great finds! Love the vintage coffee mugs and the shortening cans. Thanks so much for visiting L'Heure Bleue At Home.

  9. Oh you have found so many great things! I know what you mean though about waiting for the thrift stores to fill back up with the kind of vintage treasures we all search for!
    I collect old Golden Books. For some reason my town is bursting with them, so I felt bad when you said you never come across them.
    You should tell me a couple that you are searching for, and I can send you a little package.

  10. Love the mugs!!! Great finds

  11. Just FYI you've been featured over at Cap Creations today! Thanks for joiniing us.