Monday, April 2, 2012

Here's What We Found on the Weekend

We have an ongoing kitchen renovation happening at our house - it's 8 weeks now, finally the counter was installed on Friday, the floor is going in this week, and hopefully, we will soon find a backsplash to suit - we had one which we thought was perfect - not perfect at all - perfectly ugly it was!!  Anyway, my husband is doing a lot of the work himself so we have not been venturing too far afield on the weekends.    Sunday we set out for an auction sale and to look at the backsplash, again - we came home empty handed for the kitchen but at least we were successful at the auction.  They always have items there that you can just buy, this week they were 75% off, Gary bought this old German Monopoly game, it's so neat, don't have a clue what year it was manufactured but it has wooden hotels and houses, I'll have to research it and see what I can find out - we're keeping it!!

This is my container of seventy two 45's - a little bit of everything but mostly from the  80's 

A couple of gals from the 80's

Carla and I went thrifting on Saturday, there sure wasn't much to get excited about - I found this set of  80's Strawberry Shortcake Sheets - twin flat and fitted, the top sheet is in great shape but the bottom one is a bit thin, I'll be listing them, maybe someone will be interested in them.  They're hanging on the clothesline in the picture!

I bet there's someone out there that still likes Alf....

Two Pyrex Drink-ups, priced at 49 cents each,  they're the tall ones, I've never seen them before and nearly passed them by.  The glass pops out so you can use them for a cold drink or a cup of coffee.

It's Monday so I'm linking up to Flea Market Finds and Thrift Share Monday


  1. Great finds!! I LOVE those Pyrex glasses. Very jealous of those

  2. Alf & Strawberry Shortcake - I'm happy.


  3. OK My theory is that there are more vintage Strawberry Shortcake things floating around Canada than there are in the US. lol.
    I'm happy for you that you had such a great day at the auction!

    Erica :)
    p.s. I have that SSC sheet set already, otherwise I'd be your customer!

  4. Love Cyndi Lauper. We saw her recently and now all she sings is Jazz. I Miss the old stuff.

    Lisa @ Happy Girl Collectbles