Friday, April 6, 2012

My Little Easter Dresses

I've been seeing so many nice Easter posts but since we're in the midst of kitchen renovations, not very many Easter decorations have come out of the box, so I headed for the storage area to get some ideas for my Easter post.  I was looking through a container with old baby clothes that belonged to the kids and there were a few things in there of mine.    I think this is the only Easter picture of me and lo and behold I still have the dress...

April 1960

I think this little jumper was hand made.

I wonder if I ever wore this on Easter - it's the perfect color.  It's size 3 - I saved this for Carla, I don't think I ever put it on her - I wish I would have - if I have a granddaughter some day, I have a beautiful smocked mauve dress for her!

Eaton's of Canada is on the tag, I love my old dresses!!

This might have been my Easter sweater - made by Mom

Wearing the sweater again, with my great grandmother, Katie Horton - "Little Grammie" to me

And, here is the sweater!

I love the buttons on the back!!

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  1. Happy Easter!! So cute! I remember dresses like that! We always wore hats and gloves and carried purses on Easter.

  2. Oh these are all so precious! I love vintage clothing and yours are just wonderful - thanks for sharing!

  3. How wonderful that you still have these dresses and that darling easter sweater. I love the pictures of you in the dress.


  4. How cool that you have those old photos and the sweaters that match! Thanks for sharing over at cap creations.

  5. The sweater is adorable! to think your mom made it and you were smart enough to still have it. Luckily my mom saved many of my dresses too. I just love seeing the cute pictures of you.

    Happy Easter!

  6. Oh my gosh Jill...these pics are so cute! I love your dresses and your duckie sweater!

  7. Very wonderful memories! Love the little sweater. Warm Hugs, Esther