Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Travelling with Red

I just hauled out the red suitcases - I wanted new ones before my next trip - it didn't happen, they're nice ones but they've been thrown on airplanes and in trunks just a few too many times.....  

We are flying to Prince Edward Island tomorrow - and I'm not really looking forward to it!  My mother was just placed in a nursing home, this will be my first time seeing her in these surroundings and there's a very good chance she may not know me - dementia is heartbreaking....  

I know it won't be all bad - after all my husband is with me, we'll be out sea glass hunting, eating at our favorite spots, I NEED to have some fried clams - haven't had any since my last trip in September - I can taste them now.......  And, we have already picked out where we are going when we get off the plane - Charlottetown has the best egg rolls ever - we're having Chinese!!

I'll be looking for treasures too - I know I'll have something to share when I get back...

My new Roots crossbody purse is making the trip  too - I think I got a really nice purse for a great price  at Winners, it was $29.99, compare at $55.00 - you just never know what you might find at Winners..... 

It's Rednesday again, check everything red out here 

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  1. Jill-
    I'm so sorry to hear about your mom. Maybe you'll find her to be a bit better than you expected. Dementia is just the saddest thing.
    Love your new purse! We don't have Winners here in MN. But I've heard it's good.
    Have fun treasure hunting on your trip!
    Erica :)