Sunday, March 31, 2013

Warm Lobster Dip - Pinned and Loved!!

A recipe with lobster on Easter, yes, it's going to happen, because I just need to make this my post for my pinned and tried from Pinterest project - we made this dip last night and it is the very best!!!  It really is!!  My regular dip to make, up until now, was a crab dip, no more crab dip, it's this lobster one from now on.  It   is now on my Made from Pinterest board - all ready for quick reference when we get a craving for this scrumptious dip!

The original recipe was pinned from - click here for the link.  This dip is not something you would be making on a regular basis, it's a little bit pricey.  I had this can of lobster in the freezer, it has been sitting there since Christmas when they were on sale

Regular price for a tin is about $22 - I probably paid about $13 for it, on sale.    That would be the only time I'd be buying it.

Hot dips are so good!! This dip was everything we like in a dip - hot, chunky and full of flavour.    We used Que Pasa Organic Tortilla Chips and toasted Naan bread for dipping.  

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  1. I guess being from PEI it's only fitting to make lobster dip! I don't eat shell fish or lobster but I'm really digging that can!
    Happy Easter!!

  2. Yum! I can see this being a favorite at our house! Thanks!

  3. I'm not a crustacean eater, but dang that looks good!

  4. We love seafood at our house, and this dip looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe,