Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Swap Goodies are Here

I was so jealous of all the posts around Valentine's Day - so many people had taken part in the Valentine's Swaps, I said to myself, I am signing up for the next one and as soon as I read Sandy's news on her blog, 521 Lake Street, I didn't hesitate, I signed myself up!  We had to make a spoolie, using an old spool and decorating it any which way we wanted, but it had to be for Easter.  We were given our partner and that's when we started to get to know each other a little bit and figure out just what other goodies to include in the box.  My partner was Sally, her blog is Sally Annnie Magundy - pay her a visit, she's a sweetheart!

Today my package arrived, all the way from sunny California and was it a welcome sight , it's snowing in Ontario - please go away winter, you've been hanging around way too long.  I just wanted to dive right into the package, but time has to be taken to take the appropriate pictures and study everything closely.  The package was packed beautifully - it was just so pretty!  I give you warning, there are numerous pictures...

I will be keeping this and SMASHING it.

And this too...

Even the styrofoam peanuts are Easter like  - I took out the basket, ever so carefully and the two brightly wrapped gifts...

And, then there was more.....

This whole package was so much fun to open - it was just like Christmas!!

Buttons and charms inside - what fun!

Who can't use a bunny stamp?  I can!

Crocheted bunnies, bunny buttons, chip board basket, eggie stickers, a vintage card,  little yellow chicks - I am going to have a nice Easter page in my SMASH book!

These chicks are the softest - and there's bunnies too.

Finally, here is the main attraction of the whole swap and the package - the spoolie

Sally's Spoolie that she made for me -  the spools belonged to her grandmother - how nice that she used them for me and made such a special little Easter decoration - just everything about this screams cuteness!!

I placed him in the Easter basket,  look at the crepe paper ruffle she made for the basket.  Love it!  And, all that chocolate is going to taste really good too...

This has been such a fun experience, a bit nerve racking at times, it all worked out fine in the end,  thanks to Sally for such a fun box of goodies and thanks to Sandy for hosting the "Spoolie Swap."  Happy Early Easter

I made a button spoolie for Sally - I am so glad it made it all the way to California in one piece!


  1. It was such a pleasure being swap partners with you Jill! I had so much fun ... with the exception of worrying over delivery time. If I could just remove my silly worry wart self from the equation, I'd be fine haha. As they say, now I will know for the next time. :)

    I'm so happy you enjoyed your goodies! And thank you so much for the great photos - you got shots of things I didn't and you got better photos of both our spoolies than I did.

    I hope you'll share your smash book pages down the road!

    Happy happy Birthday and Easter to you!


  2. Well it's Tuesday nite, pancakes with the kids and your recipe never fails! Love the fun ideas I'm seeing, a zillion versions of spoolies! I LOVE your button egg, you're killing me with the button creations! Super fun!

  3. What a sweet assortment of gifts and an adorable spoolie you got from Sally. The one you made is cute too! What a fun idea. Happy Spring to you - snow and all. :)

  4. Adorable...I love everything I'm seeing! Aren't you glad you joined Sandys swap :) It is amazing how many different ideas that people come up with. I just sent my spoolies out to our partners :)

  5. Jill, What a wonderful swap package from Sally! Just love the sweet spoolie she made you and the button one you made for her is wonderful too. It was a fun, fun swap for sure! :) pam

  6. I was SO happy when I saw that you signed up for this swap! I knew that whatever you would make and send someone would be great! And your button spoolie is so darn cute!
    Sallie's package looks like it was so much fun to open! Tons of fun things! Have fun with your Easter smash page!
    Erica :)

  7. Jill
    Such sweet gifts from Sally! She took such care in their wrapping too.
    Swaps are a lot of fun, for sure.
    Your button spool is adorable!

  8. Thats awesome Jill, those swaps look like fun! You got some great goodies, and I love how she packaged everything! So sweet.

  9. Swaps are addicting! I had to skip the Easter ones this year. These dang kids of mine have me too busy for crafting sometimes. The nerve of them!

    Love your spool & you got some great things for Smashing:-)


  10. Looks like you got some very sweet Easter goodies!! I love both of the spoolies too! :) Easter hugs! xo Holly

  11. Oh my everything is so darn cute. I am dying for that crepe ruffled basket.

    and also.... a super awesome package showed up on my doorstep yesterday...more on that later ;)

  12. Your new Spoolie made me laugh out loud when I saw it, it is soooo cute with that little smiling bunny on top! What an adorable Easter basket, too.
    And the Spoolie you made with buttons!! How sweet!!
    Each Spoolie was unique and truly an original, this was a really great swap.

  13. Wow! What a wonderful swap package! You're going to have so much fun smashing those goodies! I love the Easter spoolies too...they're adorable!