Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter and Yes, Christmas

I've sure had a run of fun mail lately, it used to be I got letters often, but those days are long gone, so any time there is anything in the box besides bills and flyers, it's good. It's especially nice when it comes from blogging friends.  

When Ericaof Thrifting Sisters fame wrote me and said she found something at an estate sale that made her think of me, I had no idea what it could be.  It arrived last week - and here it is.....  

It's an Annalee Santa - I discovered these Annalee figures last fall when we were coming home through New England.  I saw some old ones first at an antique shop, I didn't really look closely at them, sure wishing I would have, then the next day I was at a Home Goods store and there were shelves of them - Halloween and Christmas - I blogged about them here.   A Santa and a cute card - that's great mail, in my mind!  Thanks so much!

Only thing, now I have to pack him away until Christmas!

Holly is keeping me in bunting - she makes them herself - she sent me one a few weeks ago and now I have another one of her creations.  I am so lucky to have met such thoughtful people through my blog, I appreciate everyone that reads my posts, I almost always have a small response for you, if you are not a no comment blogger!  In the past few days, some new people have started to follow me - thank you so much!

Happy Easter from Holly..

She also sent me a couple of Little Golden Books for Easter - I didn't have these titles when I was little and my children didn't either...

This one is already in position, the illustrations are so cute, in both of the books.

Why are bunnies always the sweetest?

I have a few reds this week so I'm linking up with Rednesday.


  1. Really sweet gifts you got in the mail Jill. I've never heard of those Santas before. The old Golden books are so sweet aren't they? I love the cute drawings.

  2. Love all the mail you have received!
    LOL I'm laughing because somehow you have had BOTH Erica's send you Annalee's!
    That should be a testament to how great we think you are!
    Also it's so funny, the other Erica and I tend to be on the same page with things. It's an Erica thing I think. lol
    And we both found ourselves a friend named Jill! Haa!
    Erica :)

  3. A true friend will always stand by. I have found the blogging family to have some of the best. Your gifts were very nice.

  4. Great mail items!! Love the Annalee Santa and the cute little Golden books! Looks like you have some great blogging and mail buddies!!

  5. No rules that Santa has to be put away! Keep him out and enjoy him for the summer then tuck him away in the fall and he can come out for Christmas!

  6. That Santas pretty cute! How funny that hes riding a bike?! Glad you like the bunting/books!

    "And no one was ever alone again" How sweet!

  7. Glad you got to enjoy Mr. Clause, even if it was just for a while. Don't you love him on his little bike? Do you think it was added on or came with him?

    Have a great weekend, friend!


  8. You lucky! What dear friends and lovely gifts!

    Happy almost weekend to you!

  9. Easter decorations are the cutest aren't they! and Vintage Christmas!

  10. I adore the illustrations in vintage children's books. Thanks so much for dropping by L'Heure Bleue At Home!

  11. Sweet...I love little Golden Books. I love the older illustrations in them.

  12. You sure did receive some great mail! Mr. Clause will go great with the rest of your vintage Christmas decor and Holly's bunting is super cute!