Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter from a While Back

Another occasion, another chance to share some of my vintage holiday postcards.  Happy Easter to all....

There is nothing about these old postcards that I don't like!

The price to mail this was only one cent, did you know that Canada has done away with the penny? Rounding out is the newest thing..

These girls are decked out in their Easter bonnets.

Click on the card to read the message..

I bought a few vintage Easter cards when I was away the other week, they were just too cute to pass up, I had to  pay a little bit more because I bought them at an antique mall, I never see them at thrift stores, it was cheaper than buying them online.    I guess my jar decoration could count for my pinned from Pinterest post ( but it won't) - I put some grass, chocolate eggs and a chocolate bunny in the jar - instant Easter decoration - part vintage, part new.

Happy Easter, From - Joey, Stevie, Teresa & Mary


From  - Pat, Donna, Marilyn, Terry & Bryan

Another jar - filled with plastic eggs and grass.

This card was sent to Gerald from Terry & Marilyn, must have been the children from the previous card

This card was from the same family

This card is mine, my grandparents sent it to me - Mom and Dad saved  most all of the cards, dating back to the 70's - I also have a card from them and one from my other grandparents, I put them in my SMASH book.  

I have two vintage Easter decorations and I just found one of these this week.  The little bunny girl is a Lefton figure, she's so cute with the bunny ears and bunny tail.    I stopped into a little antique shop the other day, I only go there every so many months as there isn't much turn around, I hoped I would find something Easter and I did - the little cart is holding some Jolly Rancher jelly beans now  - it was only $3.49 - and it's made in Japan - another oldie!

Lefton Bunny Girl

Made in Japan

I bought this a few years ago at Liquidation World,  I'm including it in this post because I really like it - wind it up and it plays - Easter Parade

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  1. Love the duck pulling the cart and the lefton bunny girl! I often buy my cards at antique stores because it's so much less than online.
    You have so many cute cards!
    Happy Easter Jill,
    Erica :)

  2. The Lefton girl with the bunny ears is sweet, love her. I haven't paid much attention to vintage postcards in the past, but the postcards you have shared with us are lovely and has piqued my interest.

  3. I love old of my favorite vintage items, and so affordable!

  4. A penny is not worth much now days. I love all your vintage cards.

  5. I have the postcard you gave me on my bulletin board, love it

  6. Oh Jill the little Lefton Easter bunny girl is so sweet! I also really like all your vintage Easter postcards~ I have yet to find any vintage easter cards.
    Happy Easter!

  7. Fun Ball display ideas! I'm busy or I'd go pull mine out and do them up but I'll have to save the idea for next year. Happy Easter dear friend!

  8. I like the canning jar too! Such a cute idea. You have a great collection of cards and postcards. They are so fun to collect and easy to decorate with

  9. Vintage postcards are something that I see tons of at the flea market but have never taken the time to go through them. The next time I go, I will definitely take a peek. That bunny girl is awesome. She looks to be a little more Playboy Bunny-ish than Easter Bunny-ish but who cares!

    Have a wonderful Easter,


  10. I love your vintage postcards, and all your Eastern items!! Happy Easter!

  11. Those old postcards are fantastic! Someday I hope to have some. . . I've never seen them in thrift stores either. Love that you have your old cards- those are priceless! I think a Smash album is a good way to save them.

  12. Found you at Share Your Cup Thursday. Love the Choccy Bunny in the jar and the Lefton Bunny Girl!

  13. Oh, I missed this post! I love all your cute Easter cards and ornaments. It's fun to see the old post cards which are hard to find down here. The ornaments are cute. As for today's post I love lobster too and often buy the same tins when they are on sale. YUM!

  14. Jill, I love old postcards. I have alot of bird and Christmas ones, but my Easter ones are reproductions. I've never ran across any that are vintage. Love the bunny girl and the cart is so precious! Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.