Monday, March 11, 2013

Finds from the Road

This past Wednesday I had a chance to go away for a few days, my husband was away for the week, so I met up with him mid week - I had two days to myself to check out the antique markets and thrifts in the area.   My favourite warehouse is always the Freelton Antique Mall - I might get there twice a year but I always come away with something - I think deals are to be had, even though some of the merchandise is crazy expensive.  I also hit the two antique malls in St. Jacobs and one in Cambridge.  That was along with a few Value Village stores, a couple of Salvation Army shops and a St. Vincent - it was a great couple of days...  I picked up quite a few nice books too but I'm going to save them for another post.  I also picked up a few other items for gifts and for the Easter swaps - but I can't ruin those surprises!

This is bad - now I am branching out from Christmas to Easter blow molds, isn't this a sweet bunny?  I've never seen one before.  He's missing the light but we'll get him hooked up.  He was $4.

I've always collected things, back in high school, I was collecting match books, I had a lot but somewhere along the line, they were thrown out, when I saw this cookie tin full of matches, I grabbed them - $5 for 90 matches plus the tin - not bad.  I'm going to do a page on matches in my SMASH book.  Do restaurants and hotels even pass out matches anymore, now that I'm thinking of it, I never see them..

I was happy to find one Vera and it's a really pretty one.

Three Liberty of London and one Oscar de la Renta - all to be listed for sale

I saw this once - it must have been on a blog or Flickr, I've surely never seen it before or I would have bought it - it's so different, have you ever seen one?  I paid $10 for it at the antique mall, I don't mind paying that for something cute like this that I know I'll never find .   It's a Glasbake loaf pan, no, I am not starting a Glasbake collection!  

This came from Value Village, I didn't know what to make of it - notice there is no spout and no one cup marking.  I sent a pic to Sharon who I figured would know about it, she said it's old, so I took it.  And, it is, it's from the 40's - it's a dry measure, that's why there's no spout.  

Side view of the $3.99 cup

Charcoal snowflake is my favourite Pyrex pattern, I have never seen a dish this size before, it says it's 1 1/4 quart, 548B - I thought this other one below was the space saver, now I have these two sizes, I'm really not sure??  There are no antique malls around here and I know I'd never see anything like this at a thrift - I paid $12 - they also had the turquoise snowflake in the same size.  To tell you the truth, I wouldn't have minded having that one too, but I restrained myself!

This is my collection of Charcoal Snowflake - the 2.5 qt casserole, oval baker, divided,  the space saver in the stand, which is JAJ and now my new one.  Love this pattern!

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  1. Fun items! Love that loaf pan-- never saw one before.

  2. Awesome stuff Jill! You did really well! :) Its all so great!!

  3. That's it, Jill. I'm sending you to Blow Mold Anonymous!

    Cute bunny. I've seen a few this year but have restrained myself. Love love love the Charcoal Snowflake.


  4. You should have gotten the turquoise one! But I think everybody should get everything. My BF got me that size charcoal snowflake in Columbus for my birthday. I love it! You have quite the collection.

    Freelton is a cute little one. I think that mall is the one is the best quality stuff out of them all. Don`t you think? There are so many Fire King polka dot bowls there. But ya! I can barely afford any of it!!!!

    LOL - are you sure you`re not starting a Glasbake collection? This is how it begins.. ``I`ll just buy one..``

    JILL! What Value Village do you regularly shop at? I started shopping at one REALLY far away & I was wondering if I`d see you there, lol.

  5. I love trips like that! It looks like you had a great time. That charcoal dish is fabulous, I adore the black patterns!

  6. Hi Jill. I really like the snowflake pattern bakeware. I've never seen it in black or aqua but the aqua would appeal to me. The loaf pan is a fun one. I have a dry measuring cup that was once part of my mother's nut chopper. The top part that chops is missing. It's probably from the 40's or 50's too. I like the Vera scarf you found. Have a great week!

  7. Terrific finds! Especially love the pyrex dry measure cup, have never seen one. Vera a favorite of mine too...beautiful!

  8. It's always so fun to see what you find!

  9. Great finds! I'm in love with your Easter bunny!!
    You have quite a nice collection of charcoal snowflake Pyrex! I've have yet to find that pattern in the wild!

  10. Great finds!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!


  11. Love the tin of matches! I would have a hard time tearing those apart since they are so sweet the way they are. They are easily one of my favorite emphemera. I think today they would have to come with a giant ugly disclaimer on them in order to be distributed - also, the smokers are pretty much all gone.
    I have seen a shadow box somewhere of a fabulous matchbox display, maybe save a few favorites for that?

  12. Love all that you found...especially the bunny :)

  13. Wow! you did great! Love the Easter blowmold...and how cool to find an old Pyrex cup like that! I have never seen that Glasbake pan before...very cute!

  14. I have never seen a loaf pan like that before! Great find! My hubby collects match books as well. They are getting hard to find. Bet it will be fun looking thru the ones you just bought!

  15. Hi Jill - thanks for stopping by! I'm returning the follow. I love the loaf pan, & the matches- neat idea!

  16. So funny that you are now finding blow molds from other seasons. This one is very cute.
    I too collected match books when I was young. There is one restaurant here in town that I know that still has them on their counter.
    I love your little Pyrex measuring cup! And of course your charcoal too! Nice finds for you!

  17. Jill
    Very pretty charcoal snowflke pyrex
    I can see why you collect them!

  18. Great finds! I love that little meat loaf pan, I would have scooped it up, too! I have never seen one or one of those glass dry measure cups. You did good! :-)

  19. These are awesome finds! I love the Glasbake loaf cool! :)

  20. Awesome finds and so glad you got to have a nice little trip : ) Hugs and thanks for sharing : )