Thursday, May 26, 2011

I Didn't Realize....

It just dawned on me that I have just about a complete set of the Original Fridgie Set - I'm missing lids for the blue and a red one - I borrowed from other ones for the picture.  Fridgies are so pretty, so stackable in the cupboards and usable - I love them.

My fridgie collection is growing.....

On to something else - I had a few great finds in the past week - take a look..

This old Fire-King pie plate was purchased at a yard sale last weekend - it's different to see a pie plate with a pattern, some of the pattern was lined in black but it's starting to wear off.

This vintage Federal bowl is a pretty one - but don't know if I will keep it or not - if anyone is looking for this bowl and willing to trade - let me know.  I bought this at the same sale as the pie plate and also the blue Pyrex bowl that I used as a planter - not a bad haul there - for less than $5.

I also got these fish plates at the same sale - I couldn't believe my luck - I bought the fish platter the weekend before - what's the chance of that happening?  I've seen this type of plate in restaurants and always been partial to them - we eat a fair amount of fish - so, they're going to be used!

What's the chance of finding two Snoopy related items on the same day at the same place(Salavation Army Thrift Store)?   Charlie Brown has always been big at our house - my husband still has to watch The Great Pumpkin every Halloween and Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without watching the Christmas special.  I've never seen a plate like this before - Snoopy Feels Free - isn't it cute?  The cookbook is different too - colored pictures on one side and fun recipes on the other side - it was published in 1981.  The recipes all have fall or Halloween titles - Great Pumpkin Cookies, Good Ol' Charlie's Brownies - lots of neat ones.  I also bought a magazine - grand total for the three items - $1.35 - kitchen goods were half price.

I've been sort of lucky lately finding some different things but not a whole lot of Pyrex out there in these parts.....


  1. AnonymousMay 26, 2011

    Ooo Jill, I love all your fridgies! I have yet to find any Spring Blossom fridgies, so I'm very jealous of your set, lol!! I've always loved Snoopy, lol...when my son was little I had his whole room decorated in Snoopy items!

  2. My son loved Charlie Brown and Snoopy too - we still have all the old VCR movies! Why, I don't know - we don't have anything to play them on! Hah!! My husband bought me the Spring Blossom fridgies for Christmas - I know he paid more than I ever would have - but I love them!!! I'll keep my eyes open for you....

  3. love you fridgie collection - so cute. I have bowls for days, so I'm thinking fridge containers are next on my list! happy hunting

  4. oooooh, ohhhhhhh I am SO jealous of your fridgies- epsecially that Friendship! Friendship is elusive around here. I never find it!