Sunday, May 15, 2011

Listening to K-Tel Records and The Partridge Family

My daughter and I found two Sunday yard sales, this is an oddity here - surely not the crowds of a Saturday sale.  We found a big box of record albums - 25 cents each - we came away with $3 worth of albums, to divide between the two of us.  Remember the old K-Tel records - full of original hits - those are the greatest with all the different artists.  I'm listening to one right now..
The yard sale seller must have loved The Partridge Family as much as I did - back in the 70's - but her infatuation must have lasted longer than mine - because she had later albums that I never had - but now I do - I bought three of those.   I loved that show so much - I belonged to the David Cassidy fan club, bought all the magazines like Tiger Beat, 16 - I cut them up just as soon as I got them, I had scrapbooks galore.  I wasn't allowed to hang posters on my walls, only my doors and I couldn't cover them up either.   Around that time, I had a penpal from Hollywood,CA  that won a contest to go on the set of The Partridge Family - my life in a little fishing village in Prince Edward  Island was a completely different world from the world of movie sets - I wanted to be her!!!!   So, now I can think of that time again with my new Partridge Family albums - maybe I better watch an episode or two of the show!!!!

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