Thursday, May 17, 2012

Snowflake Fridgies for $1

Very seldom do I ever find fridgies but I love it when I do and it's even better when they're 50 cents each  and they're Snowflake!

Spice of Life canister for $1

I've been seeing these on Pinterest, once I saw a pitcher at Value Village but I left it behind, wishing now I hadn't.   They have a rubber like exterior, I've  seen them called sweat proof glasses and spaghetti glasses, does anyone know anything more about them?  They're really neat - I paid 69 cents each.

I have a Vintage Drinking Glasses board on Pinterest -  check it out here

$1 for Vera

I wanted to show the design on this one, it's a little different from what I've been finding lately.   If you click on it, you can see that it has the lucky ladybug.

I found all these items this week on an overnight trip - I didn't spend much!!!

I wanted to include this sweet book - I bought it on Etsy, it arrived this week, can you tell that it's illustrated by Eloise Wilkin?  It's an old one, it belonged to Jim Edmonds of Memphis, TN.

It's time for Vintage Thingie Thursday - I'm linking up, you should go on over and check it out...


  1. Great haul! Very lucky on those fridgies. They're so cute!

  2. You found some very nice vintage goodies. I have not seen some of them.

  3. This post is great...PYREX, Eloise, Vera! All great things. I love your new Veras! So glad you found another ladybug! I was going through mine lastnight, and I think I changed my mind about selling ANY of them. lol They're just too cool!
    Talk to you soon :)

  4. The glasses are very neat, but I really love the place-mat under them! Really nice embroidery.

  5. Great buy on those fridgies and love the glasses. I've seen those before and they are very cool.

  6. What a deal on those fridgies!

  7. Hello! What great finds! I've just found your lovely blog, and I'm a new nice to "meet" you!