Sunday, May 27, 2012

Saturday at the Yard Sales

Carla called and wanted me to come to North Bay on Saturday to check out the yard sales, I was on the road at 6 am - it was great - I made a few purchases, Carla and her beau did too - I did the driving, he did the navigating and she just sat in the back seat!  We'll do it again...  Today I'm linking up to Flea Market Finds ,  The Penny Worthy Project and Apron Thrift Girl

Golden Acorn Divided, at a church sale for $1
Yellow Cake Pan - $2 at a shop full of treasures we found outside of town

This square shaped jug has "F" on the bottom, for Federal, $3 at the same shop

I've seen these on so many memory boards on Pinterest, I found this one in a bowl of junk, 25 cents

This was an exciting yard sale find - four are Golden Book/Records, the  other four are Wonder ones, I'll be listing these.  They are new in package - still have the plastic on them..

Giant Golden Book - the last chapter is - Our World Today - 1950.....

Love these old magazines and ads, paid $1

I've seen these old catalogues sell for $25 and up - these were $3 each - Eaton's Fall and Winter,  1975 and Simpsons Sears, 1972

These bulbs are getting harder to find every year - I paid $5 for this box and the Golden Book/Records

I paid big bucks for this - $7

Side of the box

Plugged her in and she works!!


  1. What great treasures! Lucky you! :)

  2. How sweet is your Noma angel, and in the original box, and the Federal pitcher is fabulous. Great treasures! Thanks for stopping by my blog for a visit. Happy Blogiversary to you, too.