Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sears Summer Catalogue, 1972


Wet Look Raincoat by Vintex of Canada, $25 - the boots would go beautifully with the raincoat - $9.99 for the boots.

The bathingsuit could still be in style today - the price of the Daisy Bikini Suit - $14.98

How about a hooded maxi dress - dress from head to toe in Perma-Prest polyester double knit.

Remember hot pants?  Mom made me a set - they were navy polka dots, I probably wore my hair in the pigtails like the girl with the red.

Give  Peace a Chance - drop out of the dull shoe scene and surrender to the Rebels!  Join the movement to far out fashion at down to earth prices, $9.99 for a pair.  

Exersandals were reasonably priced, $5.98.  I'm pretty sure I had a pair of these and I think I remember them as not comfortable at all!

The young man in the family could be glorious in red too.  Look at those pants....

Mod inflatables - I don't remember anyone ever having these in my little village!!!  And no one had the modern Danish 2 piece suite!!

Imagine ordering a boat from the summer catalogue???

I bought a couple of vintage mail order catalogues on the weekend, 1972 was a  good summer for red clothing, not so much for home decor - those were the years of harvest gold and avocado.....  

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  1. Love this post, so much fun! I had some hot pants too - I had some purple suede ones and I had purple boots with embroidery to go with them hahahhahaha! Thanks for the memories and the smiles.

    Happy Rednesday!

  2. I bought a pair of red shoes to-day. I must be bang on trend (just 40 years late)

  3. I've been so focused on finding a Sears Christmas catalog, like I remember when I was little, that I never thought of finding ones from other seasons, to look at the great fashions like these! What a groovy flashback these are!
    Happy REDnesday,

  4. AnonymousMay 31, 2012

    Jill, wow, does this catalog bring back memories! All the "hip-hugger", and 'bell-bottoms' have all come back in style.

    Thank you for your visit.


  5. So funny how things come right back around! The clothes really look like they could be worn today...except for the weirdo guy! He would look kind of silly walking down the street in that today! haha. Such a cute post Jill!

  6. Sigh. If only we could just fill out the form and send away for this stuff! (Is that how it worked? I Know my folks ordered all sorts of stuff from Sears but I honestly don't remember how it worked!). Those rain slickers and boots are making me want to build a time machine to travel back and dress like that! Great post.