Sunday, June 8, 2014

Little Things at the Yard Sales

Another Saturday, another yard sale day I weeded them out  around town and went to only a few, I didn't get anything big but I like what I did bring home!

It was a repeat sale at one of the homes, relatives were cleaning out an older lady's home - I picked up a few little things there last week, they had some different things out yesterday - including tubs of Wilton cake pans, what a haul that would be for someone interested in that kind of thing.  The owner of these pans apparently made beautiful cakes, gave decorating lessons, she had tons of decorations - so much stuff!!  

This St. Patrick's stuff was bagged together - all made in Japan or Hong Kong, I took the bag that held these goodies..

I didn't need that bag but I did need this....

My first non Christmas knee hugger - he's just too cute!!

I bought a Halloween bag too - 

If I had not been following Magpie Ethel written by Laurie, the collector of so many neat things, I probably wouldn't have even given these things a second glance - I had to buy them.

These were still sealed in a old package.  These made me remember a birthday cake my Mom made for me that had ballerinas on it, I thought I had a picture but I can't seem to find it.  

I couldn't leave these behind - if they're the Beatles, I didn't put Ringo behind the drums!

I really had no business buying the beads and earrings set, I already have two that Mom had, but I did and the little owl pin, just because I liked it!!

The lady looked in my bag, she said $3 for everything, then asked if it was too much - I don't think so!!!  Not for sweet treasures like that!!

I moved on to another sale where I bought these two fridgies which have seen better days, I might use them for flowers - $1 for the two.

The next sale had quite a bit of stuff - I have never seen so many old jars in one place, well, except in an antique shop and selling for high prices, I got the jars and the books for $1.  Crown  jars - made in Canada - a nice find!!

That would be more vintage Christmas books for those future grandchildren, they're going to have such a Christmas library!!!  I picked up the nursery rhyme book to use for SMASHing. 

For some reason, I just have to buy these older cards when I see them lately - the graphics are so cute and don't you love all their names?

So, that's it!!  I'm happy with my purchases!!

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  1. Wow-- you did good! Like Snoopy and Linus, of course. Does look like The Beatles; might be worth something! I have some of those Old Maid cards-- aren't they fun? I went to 3 sales on Friday-- got a backpack my daughter couldn't live w/o and that was it!

  2. I checked Ebay-- there are two sets of your Beatles toppers for sale; both going for 25.00, and one only has 3 figures. Good for you!

  3. Get out! An Irish Knee-Hugger? lol Who knew??? I have to giggle a bit about your Christmas books. You know we have similar collections of these books. But I think it might be wishful thinking on our part as to how much they're actually going to get read! Ha! But at least they will look super cute stacked up on the coffee table!
    Erica :)

  4. An Irish knee hugger? Twiddly dee potatoes!

    I really like vintage holiday decor.

    Those future granchildren will really enjoy those books! Lucky them!

  5. Love your knee hugger, sweet! Oh, the necklace is gorgeous. Ha ha, too much, that's funny. It was the weekend for bargains, I got some too.

  6. I love all the party and holiday stuff!

  7. Wow! You are having some exceptional luck! Good for you. I really love the knee hugger and the Beatles candles! Stacey

  8. I am so envious of the Crown canning jars - I am looking for some that don't cost a queen's ransom. love the St. Pat's knee-hugger.

  9. OMG JILL! You lucky devil! I never knew there was a St. Pattys kneehugger. Love it! If you decide to get rid of the other St. Pats stuff, lemme know! I got $$$ burning a hole in my Paypal account! I'm in total love with those little hats.

    Crown jars are cool! I'll only buy with the glass lid. Only have one. & love the Beatles cake toppers!

    You're finding some KILLER stuff!

  10. Oh my gosh... that St. Patty's kneehugger... I LOVE IT!! Thank you so so much for sharing your finds @ TTF :)

  11. You are definitely making up for lost time in the treasure department! I never even knew St. Pattys kneehuggers existed! Such a sweet find. I had that Nursery Rhymes book when I was little and just recently unearthed it out of a box my mom brought out to my house. The witch on the front still scares me! Love all the cake stuff too. I went to a sale a few years back that had TONS of that kind of stuff too. Nobody else was interested in it and Maddie and I had the best time sorting through all of it and picking things out.

    Have a great day!


  12. The ballerina cake decorations are SO CUTE!!! I love them.

    (I've found my picks influenced by Magpie Ethel, as well.)

  13. I collect the little pixies but I've never seen a non Christmas one! OH MY! I'm in love! Have fun!

  14. Sounds like a really fun day! I can't believe the prices on your stuff :D

  15. Great find on those old crown jars, unbelievable prices!!