Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Barbie's Pink Dress

One of my regular blogs to read is Lydia's Post, written by the lovely Diane - we both have many of the same interests and it's amazing the things that we both share a love of - well, now we share the same Barbie dress.  Diane has done a couple of  posts lately on her childhood Barbies's - Monday's post really caught my eye - there was a pink crocheted dress just like mine!  Amazed!!  What are the chances of that???

Diane and I decided to both do a post on Barbie's pink dress!   Diane's dress is a mini, and she has matching underpants!!   Head on over to Lydia's Post and check out that lovely pink mini!   

My great aunt used to make all my Barbie clothes and I think my grandmother made a few too - I still remember getting a whole box of these hand made Barbie clothes one Christmas -what a gift!!   I blogged about my Barbie and some of these great clothes last year right here.  

This is Diane's pattern - I couldn't believe it when I saw it, I knew I had some of these outfits and here they are....

A corduroy coat is always nice!

This gown is missing the top part

She must have had a lot of scrap corduroy on hand!

This jacket doesn't have the hood like in the pattern but it looks very similar

Party Time!!

Looks like I had everything on that pattern except the two piece suit.  These outfits are the cutest, I love the tiny snaps!!

I always like an excuse to get out the Barbie's - this has been such a fun post to put together and to share with my friend, Diane!!!  Make sure you head on over and check out all her Barbie fashions too!!!

Linking up all the Barbie fun with Dawn over at We Call it Junkin and Vintage Thingie Thursday


  1. Boy, you were right! These dresses are really similar. And how cool to see the clothes from that pattern! Thanks for posting-- very fun!

  2. I'm not the lovely Diane....I'm the other one! haahaa! But oh how I love your Barbie clothes! The crochet dress is gorgeous and how neat to see the pattern for many of these outfits. My Aunt Wilma made Barbie clothes when I was growing up. Wish we could all sit around and play with dolls today! I'll bring my cats! hahaha! Hugs!

  3. AnonymousJune 11, 2014

    Aw, Jill, this reminded me of a lady my parents knew when I was little. She loved to crochet and either didn't have children, or they were grown. She crocheted many, many outfits for my Barbie. I loved them more than the store bought ones. I don't know what ever happened to them, wish I had them now! Thanks for sharing this at History & Home, take care. Dawn @ We Call It

  4. Came over here from Lydia's Post...uncanny! Loved seeing all the different clothes.
    nice to meet you

  5. Hi Jill! Wow, you're so lucky that your Great Aunt and Grandmother made your Barbie clothes...and that you actually kept them! How special!
    I love the crocheted one. OK, I'm going to check out Diane's blog now.
    Erica :)

  6. I had lots of Barbie Dolls growing up. However, I wasn't very nice to them. I cut their hair and wrote on them with markers. Had I known now that I was damaging something with future resale potential I may have been a little nicer :-)


  7. How adorable. I never had a doll of any kind, but certainly never a Barbie. She is still very popular.

  8. My daughter collects pre 1980 Barbies and accesories. Love it!


  9. I loved this post. I remember when I was young one Christmas my mom made Barbie clothes for a lady for her children. She then made us some, too. They were so cute and I still have a couple of them.