Monday, June 23, 2014

I Went Down the Road

First off, I notice today that not all the most recent blog posts are showing up on Blogspot, only the most recent one - anyone else having that problem?  I see one post and then it says to view more, I click on that, nothing else, hope that is only temporary!!

Anyway, I went up the road on a trek last week, it was actually further than I thought, it turned into an all day trip.  The little town has four shops, all owned by the same people - one is a true junk shop, some stuff on shelves, on boxes, buried in boxes, stuff you can't even get to, I can only imagine what is in some of those boxes.  

This is what I was most excited about -it was a bag of teen magazine covers and pages from those magazines - Tiger Beat, 16, all from the 70's and the era of my fave - David Cassidy - I used to buy all these magazines, I know I had this very one.    I never kept a magazine because I was cutting them up as soon as I read them, everything went into a scrapbook, early SMASHing, I guess!!  

I haven't had time to go through every page yet, but just take a look at this - so funny and we were believing everything that was written and buying more and more of those magazines...  All of these goodies were in a bag, stuffed in a box - what a find for me!!!   I was so pleased with myself.

I was lucky to pick up some Christmas things too.  These Holt Howard candle holders still have the stickers attached - they're sweet and it doesn't really matter that one has had repairs on the neck - Erica suggested a ribbon to cover it up and that's what I'll do.

I have a couple of these figures already and now I have two more - they are Made in Japan too and still have the Giftcraft sticker on them.

More Christmas odds and ends..

I pulled the gnome tablecloth out of a box.  I wonder what that little red box was for?  Some more spun heads, which I never find and more ballerina cake toppers, which I have never found until the other week!!  Funny how that stuff goes..

I bought this little tree topper, she's not in the best of shape but still, too cute to leave behind..

Another Christmas book for my collection, books for SMASHing and just because!!  That ice cream book is full of vintage black and white pictures about ice cream, perfect for cutting up!!  I will blame Diane over at Lydia's Post for the fact that now I am looking at vintage playing cards - I had to buy those butterfly ones!!!!  Diane has quite a collection of sweet cards!

I grabbed these cards, I remembered them as soon as I saw them, Mom had them.

I bought a couple of flamingos at the Dollarama this year, I've never had a flamingo in my life, now I have another one, found at the junk store - it's an older one and a bit faded, I think it looks ok there.

My little excursion turned out perfectly - I found two more Vera scarves..

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  1. Jill I am having the same problem with my reading list only showing the most recent one posted. I too hope they fix it, but have been using Bloglovin for all of my favorite bloggers post.
    I have enjoyed seeing your treasures that you have found this week. The gnome tablecloth is my favorite.

  2. I am floored at all the vera stuff you find. I rarely see that stuff around Chicago.

    I adored David Cassidy.

  3. I love the cute holiday things and the books, too! And you could live in FL with those flamingos! haha! Have a fun day! Hugs!

  4. Love all of your finds! The HH candle holders are so cute! And love the box of tinsel strands too!
    Your post is the only one that shows up for me. Hope they fix it soon!
    I'm happy that you had such great success with all these finds!
    Erica :)

  5. Yes, am having the same problem of recent posts not showing up. More tinkering on someone's part, no doubt. Love the DC pics-- he was so cute! The butterfly playing cards are cool. So many neat designs out there. I have one plastic flamingo from a garage sale. Seeing yours, I think mine needs a few buddies! Great finds!

  6. I've been out working in the yard all day, but I noticed the Blogger Reading List glitch before I went outside. Annoying! I love all your finds, and if someone in Canada puts out pink flamingos, then I can, too! Now where would they look "appropriate"? I have had 4 brand new ones for two years now!!!! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

  7. Fantastic Christmas goodies! And I can't believe how many different Vera patterns you find. Love it. The magazines are always my favorite finds...I'd love to see how you SMASH the latest.

  8. oh i love that gnome tablecloth! and the 70's magazines!

  9. Blogger reading list problem is a pain its even in the uk ....the question is why cant i find lawn flamingoes in the UK?

  10. I cannot believe the amount of Christmas you have been finding lately! You are so lucky to be able to find it year round. It truly is seasonal in my area.

    Keep it up. You are on a roll!


  11. Lovin the vintage Christmas. Also, that polka dot Vera scarf is awesome! :)

  12. Sweet post! Love the HH candleholders best.

    My blog reading list shows 1 blog...just 1. Hope they fix it soon. !

  13. In the 70's I read Teen Beat religiously! Shaun Cassidy, David Cassidy, Leif Garret, Andy Gibb and the Bay City Rollers1

    Love you Xmas stuff

    Super blast from the past!

  14. I hadn't noticed the reading list problem, but I did see where it said I had comments on a post but they didn't show up. Then the next day, it looked like it posted a comment on the wrong post altogether.

    Love your finds. The magazines are really neat!

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