Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Royal Wedding

I guess my interest in The Royal Family goes back to the wedding of Charles and Diana -we were both married the same year and both had our first child the same year - I was living in Fredericton,New Brunswick at the time, my roommate and I both set our alarms for way before daybreak and then we must have gone to work after it was over - kind of crazy, but had to see that wedding!!  I followed Diana through her ups and downs  - I even caught a glimpse of her when she and Charles visited Sudbury,Ontario  -why did they have to drive past so quickly?The night she died - I was up again - watching those same clips, over and over - the days following were so sad - my son had a soccer tournament the day of the funeral - like I wanted to go to that after watching tv from the early hours! A few years later I was able to see the Diana Dress Exhibit - many of the gowns that were auctioned for charity, the biggest draw was her wedding gown, even her wedding shoes were there - it was unbelievable - everyone was in awe - it was so quiet in the exhibit hall!  I won't ever forget that!

Now it is 2011 and William and Kate's big day is tomorrow.  A person doesn't have to get up at that silly hour to watch - we  do have a PVR, can watch it anytime I want, first I was going to get up, next I was setting it to record, now that the day is just about here - I know I'll be getting up - I see CBC coverage starts at 2 - you could be asleep by the time the wedding actually starts - I think 5 might be a respectable time to get up and settle in.  Hope it doesn't rain on the happy couple and they do look happy!!  Best of luck to them!  And here's a fun video to check out....

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