Thursday, April 14, 2011

Birds and Owls for the Garden

Have you checked out your local dollar store for all things spring?  You must pay a visit - the assortment is quite nice and of course, the price is right!  If and when spring really happens, I will be ready for the garden - the cute little birds were $2 each.  I just had to pick up the owl  - I seem to have developed a love for owls lately - isn't he sweet?  The price for this guy was also $2.
Spring was still just a dream away when I picked up this owl with the haunting eyes - he is heavier than the dollar store items, Mr. Owl is from The Precious Treasures Line, price - $3.99 at Value Village - he's just like brand new and is going to look great outside - I'm getting ready for nice weather, are you?


  1. Lucky you, thinking about all things spring---we just got 16cm of new snow today! Imagine that happening right after I switched my door garland from the winter mistletoe to spring flowers!

    Your yard will look great with these cute fellows.

  2. Congrats on the new blog!! :)
    Love the owls and glad that it's spring.

  3. I like the inquisitive brown owl - the white owl looks too stern!

  4. I like the second last owl (The little chubby one) :)