Monday, April 25, 2011

The Worst Ham looks Good in Homestead

I always have great luck with a pork picnic shoulder - but this one was not good!!  It looks nice enough in the picture - the glaze and fruit makes it so pretty - honey, brown sugar, flour and ground mustard but underneath that nice glaze is a mess - the ham was way too fat - and that kind of just turns you off the whole thing!  I guess we will struggle through eating the fatty ham again tonight and I'll make some scalloped potatoes with it - maybe they will taste better than the ham!   I finally got a chance to use this Homestead baker that my daughter found at a Salvation Army - in the original box with instruction card - it is a big dish that I don't have a lot of use for so I keep it on display on top of my cupboards. Did anyone else have  an Easter meal that didn't turn out so great?


  1. That ham looks great and that baker was a great find. I'm sure it still tasted way better than anything I could make :)

  2. The ham does look really good!! I wasn't too happy with my ham either...I think I cooked it too long because it was a little on the dry side. I love that big Homestead baker!!

  3. The big dish looks small in that picture! Only I know the truth...