Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pyrex and More

I decided I am going to start listing on Ebay again, I sold postcards and a few collectibles for years and actually did quite well - but the postcard market kind of fell on hard times so I'm going to try again with a few thrifted items - now to get them listed.....

Aren't these turtle coasters cute?  I bet someone else will like them too. 

I've read on different blogs that people collect Kathie Winkle dishes - this serving platter is in the Renaissance pattern.

Anything with Tiki on it always sold for me before - this tumbler made by Daga is from the Kon Tiki Restaurant in Waikiki, Hawaii

I found these sweet little reindeer in a basket of Christmas ornaments, they're vintage for sure - I bought them with the intention to sell, I don't think so - they're too cute!!

A bag of old lights comes in handy - I like to fill jars with them at Christmas. 

I paid $3.00 for all those goodies - not bad!!!

Buttons, buttons, everywhere - and this is not all I have but I have big ideas to start using them - now just to get started!

I'm going to end off with some Pyrex finds....

I found this little 473 Forest Fancies for $2.

I didn't really realize there were two different sizes of these little red bowls - it sure would be nice to find the red Hostess bowl - I bought these on Ebay for $1.05 - now I have two of the larger ones in red and two in yellow..

This nice Constellation Divided dish came from a trade with Cecillia - thanks - I'll take good care of it! 

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  1. Nice assortment!! I love the little reindeer too, and I don't blame you for not wanting to sell them. Love the red Pyrex bowls!

  2. I love those little reindeer, they are just too adorable! I also really love that pyrex constellation divided dish, I hardly ever see that pattern!

  3. Love, Love, Love the turtle coasters! And I have that very same mushroom bowl :) And OH - the buttons!!

  4. Jill, Absolutely love those turtle coasters. Little funky and retro looking to me. Great finds.
    Karen G

  5. Fun finds! I can't wait to see how you do on Ebay. Also, for the big Christmas lights, I just saw a cute craft that they rolled them in glitter and then put them in a vase - so pretty :)


  6. That sounds like a nice idea for the light bulbs - might give it a try!