Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Bunch of Treasures

This post is going to be heavy on pictures - treasures that I brought from home and things that we bought along the way....  Take a look....

My grandmother always had this hanging in her kitchen - not a very politically correct item in these modern times, is it? - I've never seen one of these in a shop - it's a souvenir from Long Beach,CA - how it ended up in Prince Edward Island, I don't know..

This old croquet set has been around forever - I remember my grandfather won it on a punchboard - in the little store next door - does anybody remember a punchboard?  

Dad had this neat old sign in the basement - don't know where that came from either.....

My old tin top has seen better days, I must have played with it a lot!! It was made in Germany.

Some neat old Christmas ornaments from home....  Mom used to get craft kits every month - the three in the back came from those..

My husband picked up these things - the checker box is neat but his favorite purchase was the Trap Shot Bagetelle game that he bought at an antique shop in Vermont - what a great old game!!!   We love to play!!   When you start looking for 6 inch rulers, they are very, very hard to find and sometimes really expensive - he has plans to make a frame with them.

I paid 60 cents for the retro vase.  I found a piece of seaglass that was from the bottom of a Javex bottle - I don't remember when Javex was in a glass bottle - I found a bottle - paid $2.  And this little ink bottle still had the ink in it, but that was just a mess waiting to happen so got rid of that.  I bought this at the 70 mile yard sale - the seller had the price on tape, right across the front label -so that was pretty much the end of  that- guess I shouldn't complain, only paid 25 cents.

I love to go through the books at Value Village - it's not very often that I will buy a new book - and you buy three books there, you get one free, it's a great deal!!  I know there's 5 books there - got the Dessert Lovers cookbook for $1 at another shop. 

If you're interested, I also blogged over at  The Pyrex Collective about some nice Pyrex.

Apron Thrift Girl has lots of neat treasures from many bloggers, check it out.


  1. Hi Jill, Love the top. Yours looks like a fun blog. Have added you to my blog list. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  2. OH My Jill, You did find a wonderful pinball machine. It is awesome. Actually much of what you found it amazing. LOve the crochet set and the top.