Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mom's Hankies

That's a basket of four hundred and seventy five hankies - my Mom's collection - there's everything - children's, hand painted, ones with intricate crochet work, Christmas - there are just so many different styles. ....  It makes you think about this history behind each one...

Hankies have been around for thousands of years - they fell out of favor when Kleenex was invented in the 1920's but had a revival during World War II - not for practical use but they served more as a fashion accessory.  I just read that in this book that I also bought for Mom

These were my day of the week hankies and this was my hankie case - just what every young girl needed back in the 60's!!

The hankies in this box have never been used, the embroidery on them is so delicate.  They were made in Northern Ireland. 

I took so many pictures of the hankies it was hard to select which ones to post - I picked out some that I think are sort of unique.  I like to go over all the hankies every so often - Mom always loved to pick up a hankie at an antique shop or a yard sale - and then I started buying them for her - the collection took off - I guess I should get a nice box for them and pack them away..


  1. Wow, what a collection! I really love the one with the anchor and the blue lace. It's adorable!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous projects. Your hankies are such a one of the best way to thanks giving and welcoming also. I truly saying that very beautiful hanking this is.