Thursday, December 8, 2011

Still Time for Thrifting

Wouldn't that tray of sweets be nice to have??  That neat old pic came from this vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbook, I don't have a clue what year it's from but it's a nice book and I only paid 50 cents..  Cookbooks are the best deal, especially when you find a new one like this Taste of Home cookbook, I don't think it was ever used - it was 50 cents too and the novel was only 25 cents.

I bought four bags of buttons which I've started using already!

They had quite a few of these plates at the Salvation Army - with different years and different colors - I had to buy 1958!!  The plate is by Pebbleford and manufactured by Taylor-Smith-Taylor.  It must be a high quality item, it was priced at $1.99.

I bought this bowl because I may never find a Pyrex Dots bowl and this might be the next best thing.  I thought it was an Anchor Hocking bowl but after looking at some comments on Flickr and looking at it closer, I realize now that it's a Hazel Atlas bowl, I've seen pics of similar bowls but they're not frosted like this one.  It's cute adn I only paid $1.

This is a cute little bowl too - there isn't any marking on it at all - it could be used as a cereal bowl - it was only 50 cents too.

It seems like I haven't found any Pyrex in a while, I picked up this 402 Spring Blossom bowl at Value Village, prices seemed to be up this week,  I paid $4.99 - wonder if they raised their prices for Christmas!!  I bought this little carafe too for $2.99.  It's only about 6 inches high.

There's always time for thrifting even when you're Christmas shopping!!!!


  1. Wow, you thrifted some really great stuff!! Love the two little bowls! I'm a sucker for cookbooks too...really hard for me to pass them up! And, you even found some Pyrex!!

  2. Love that aqua on white bowl with the kitchen utencils!!

  3. Good finds! You can never have too many vintage bowls. (Although my husband feels otherwise.) The blue and white is the Kitchen Aid pattern by Hazel Atlas. It's more commonly found in red. The blue and brown are usually harder to find so good score!

  4. Regarding that Hazel Atlas, you should check out Erin's blog post here:

  5. These are my all time favorite cookbook.

    I am curious with your Better Homes cookbook... what color is background of the inside binder.

    As in, when you first open it up what color is it trimmed in. Yellow... pink... blue...

    I have a few of these and have notice the color of the trim seems to help me date them.

  6. Wow, you found some really great treasures! You cannot find buttons around here for love or money.

  7. Geeze.. I just paid $25 for that same yellow dotted bowl (in canada/ontario) I knew her prices were WAY overpriced, but I dont think I'll come across these again! I also bought the larger orange dot for $32, and found the blue dot smallest bowl on ebay for $15. Do I have all three.. These bowls are awesome!