Monday, December 19, 2011

The Lights Outside

I took a few pictures outside of the lights at our house and here they are!!!

Santa's on the top of the clothesline pole.  We've had this guy for years - never knew until this year that it was a "blow mold"

My new Santa that I paid $4 for and snowman from Liquidation World.

I bought this bare wreath and a bag of these wooden ornaments at the thrift shop - glued them on and I have a cute wreath!

I found Charlie Brown and his friends the other day for half price, they're just too cute.  We put them on the deck so we can see them out the kitchen window.

Snoopy's on the back deck too

We have lights across the front of the house and in a tree too but it's pretty hard to get a nice picture at night - hopefully, we get a bit of snow just to make it white for Christmas!!

Try to make time to drop over to Rednesday - it'll be the last of the Christmas reds for this year!


  1. Jill you have such cute outdoor decorations! We don't do much outdoors I must admit. Love the snoopy on the deck! hugs, Linda

  2. So much cuteness.... Love the wreath with wooden ornaments!

  3. Decorating always helps to brighten up the season, doesn't it?


    Red hat, I am lonesome.
    Red hat, are you free?
    Red hat, please consider
    Coming home with me.

    I need a companion,
    One who’ll warm my head;
    I think you’ll do nicely,
    Hat of brilliant red.

    You’re the warmest color,
    Not like blue or green—
    Red hat at the vendor’s,
    Red hat, you’re my queen.

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Artisan in Red

  4. Wonderful decorations!! I LOVE the wreath with the little wooden ornaments!! Hope you and your family have a lovely holiday!!