Saturday, December 8, 2012

Our Weekend in Toronto

I need a break!  It just took me four hours to decorate the tree and you know what a mess that makes - the afternoon will be gone before I know it and it'll be time to get ready to head out for Gary's Christmas party.    Where did the week go?  This time last week we were in Toronto - seeing the sights of the city - and visiting with Darcy.  Saturday afternoon we took in the James Bond exhibit, at the TIFF Bell Lightbox - if you have a chance to get to Toronto and are interested in James Bond, it's well worth the admission.  My favorite displays were the costumes - some of those Bond Girls were tiny, some were not!!

On the way in - no pics allowed inside.

Source - Q's Bag of Tricks - from License to Kill, 1989

Source - Original dinner jacket worn by Roger Moor, Octopussy, 1983

Source - The golden cigarette lighter than transforms into a gun for Roger Moor in The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974.

Darcy had been preparing us for weeks - he was taking us out on Saturday night, but it was a big surprise, all we knew is that we had to dress up.  So, we set off for downtown, still not knowing where we were going - we pulled in, the valet rushes over to the car, I was in the back seat - Darcy's car is low and the leather seats are very slippery, the car was parked on a slope, my feet got hooked up in the seatbelt, but I got out and that's when I saw where we were - 

We're going to dine in Trump luxury!

We were swept into the building so quickly, these were taken on the way out.  The service was unbelievable - people greeting you at every corner - up we went to the 31st floor - to the restaurant

Darcy had lobster, Gary had rib eye and I had duck a la orange - oh, my..... that's all I can say....

We also had something from the chocolate cart - made by the chocolatier in the Hotel - delectable.  Of course, we had to have dessert too, unfortunately, no good pictures of that, but believe me, it was good!

What a special night - we've talked about it every day since, we will never forget it!!   There was no occasion, Darcy just wanted to do something special for us and he did  - it couldn't have been any more perfect - thank you, Darcy!!!  

The Trump Tree - you'd think you were in a forest in the lobby - it doesn't matter how many pine or balsam candles you buy, nothing is ever going to smell like that - I've tried those pine sticks they sell at Michael's too - those are a complete waste of money.  This tree was just beautiful!

Christmas in Toronto

More Toronto Christmas

It was just the best weekend!!!


  1. What a lovely weekend. The James Bond show sounds like fun. You look so pretty in your sparkly top, enjoying that restaurant!

  2. Oh Wow! That was so nice of Darcy! The food looks amazing! And the chocolate cart??? Ahhh!
    I'm loving your silver top. Hey, is that the Vera that I sent you?
    lol I didn't think you really wore them...I thought you just stared at them! LOL
    Erica :)

  3. Awwwwwww...what a nice son! You definitely made some great memories, didn't you? Funny that the other Erica mentioned a Vera scarf. I studied each photo of you to see if you were wearing one too!

    Happy Holidays,


  4. Looks like you had a fabulous weekend in TO! I hope to go over the holidays to visit my sister. Your dinner sounds and looks fantastic~ mmm a chocolate bar!

  5. You were a block away from my house & you never called? Just kidding, but you were a block away (the sled is right near where I live!).

    Glad you had a great time & the chocolate cart looks amazing. I think you're the only person I know that has been in the Trump tower!

  6. Thanks for sharing your weekend with all of us. Looks like you had a great time!

  7. WOW!!! How awesome! So happy for you all! Sending tons of hugs...and have fun feeding the wildlife! : )