Friday, December 14, 2012

Outside at Our House

Here's what it looks like outside at our house....  Maybe these bright cheerful colors can bring some brightness to your world today - the tragedy in CT today is unbelievable - how do these things, so, sad.......

I fixed up this old wreath last year, it should be good for a few years yet...

I've seen a couple of these around town..


I've seen this snowman at various houses

I was so thrilled to find this Santa last year...

Mom and Dad had candles, I was never that fond of them but now, I've gone and bought them myself...

Bought on clearance last year

Our House

I found a bag of wooden ornaments last year and stuck them on here - this wreath is on the side door

Snoopy and Christmas.

These are so cute lit up - the shed is decked out in full color too

We've had Santa for a long time, he's watching from atop the clothes line pole.  


  1. I love how all of your blow molds are lined up outside! What a treat for people who drive by your house. We live in the country so I only have my two largest on the front porch. The rest are in the house for ME to enjoy!


  2. Your home is very pretty!

  3. I love all of your Christmas decorations of course! I think we both caught the blowmold bug! I found another one yesterday.
    What I like best in your pics though is your black front door! I just think that looks so great!
    Erica :)

  4. Cute stuff! I love the black door. Did it come like that, or did you paint it?

  5. You have such a fun collection of blow molds. I think my favorites are the candles.

  6. Love the snoppy decor!

  7. Ahhh! Jill - I love the Peanuts blow molds and especially Snoopy on his house!!! How adorable!
    Even though I am not a huge fan of the wintery, cold months...I have to say I am jealous of your snow. We have yet to see any this season in Kentucky. The weatherman said possible snow for this weekend. So, maybe we'll have a white Christmas! :)
    I love your tree as well! I love your mix of vintage primitive ornaments!