Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Santa's and Snowmen and More

After what I found yesterday, I don't think I should be feeling envious of all the goodies some of you find out there.  I hit the mother load ....  I want to share it all at RednesdayVintage Thingie Thursday and Junkin Joe

I didn't have not one Santa mug until last week when I found three, now I have one more..

Made in Japan Santa - it has the familiar wreath stamp but I can't make out the  marking inside of it.  

I turned on the switch, Santa took off across the table, he walks, he rings his bell, his lantern lights up and he plays a bunch of Christmas carols.  It kind of takes you by surprise when you turn him on, he takes right off and the music is loud...

This came in the original box, it was made in Hong Kong.  Another woman was watching me test it out, she probably would have grabbed it if I had put it down.  This one plays a slow version of Santa Claus is Coming to Town

This might be the only Christmas item I've found at Value Village this year -  another blow mold...

This tree topper looks old to me-part of her wand is broken off

Aren't these pretty?  I bought quite a few things at the SA for only $6

I've been wanting some Christmas dishes but I didn't want to buy  new, seems like sort of  a waste, when you don't use them that much - I was scared the bottom was going to fall out of the box when I was carrying it out and that would have been a real shame!!  There are 8 dinner plates, 8 side plates, 8 soup bowls, 1 serving bowl and a sugar bowl - $5.00 paid!

Yay - I won a blog draw - a pair of home made Christmas ball earrings from Happy Holiday Girl - I have never won anything on one of these draws before...

And, for something fun, here's a new song I heard this morning on the XM Radio Holly Channel - click here - it's Rock 'n Roll Santa and he's rockin'


  1. You did hit the mother load! Awesome! That Santa mug is the cutest thing! His little face looks so adorable. I had a vision of you turning on your Santa and being super shocked when he took off! Lol
    Congrats on your win! You'll have to showcase them for us soon! :)

  2. Great finds! You did hit the mother lode. Congrats on the blog win!

  3. My Oh My you surely scored BIG TIME!
    I need to find myself a walking, bell ringing, lantern holding Santa! *haha*
    The Hong Kong Santa looks very neat. I would have been watching you test him out too. ;) And YES I would have grabbed him had you set it down. "Although I am a bit of a waiter... so I don't make it obvious" *lol*
    The blowmold Snowman is ADORABLE. What a cute face.
    The dishes are great. I would like Holiday dishes too ... but heck I don'thave the room right now. When I do I will surely find myself a second hand set.

    Congrats on the blog contest win!!

  4. I saw the word "motherload" and couldn't wait to see what you found. I love love love those dishes. I agree with you about not wanting to spend a whole lot for dishes you use once a year so $5 seems like the perfect price to me. And another blow mold? Lucky you! Wait till you see what I found last night on a last minute run to Goodwill.

    Happy Holidays, Jill!


  5. Santas and snowman and more, oh my! (Wizard of Oz cadence here) I bought several small blow molds this year with the intention of using them in the house but not to name any names, but, Mr. Wonderful took them outside to use! Absolutely the most stuff to see!

  6. LOL You are getting as bad as I am with vintage Christmas! I was so happy for you the second you said that you hit the motherload!
    Hey, still no package at your door? I hope you get it soon!
    Erica :)

  7. Oh my gosh, you sure did hit the mother lode. What wonderful things you found. Enjoy!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. Great finds - very nice dishes, and you really can't beat that price. I like the glasses too - your table will be lovely.

  9. Lovely finds! I love the blowmold snowman and those drinking glasses are really pretty!

    Funny how the closer to christmas you get, the more christmas stuff you find, but the less stuff I find!


  10. Great vintage holiday finds! The bell ringing Santa is cute my husband's family had the exact same one~ I found a similar musical Santa that I will be posting about later this week. The snowman blow mold is very sweet! You definitely hit the motherload! Well done:)

  11. That Santa mug is stinkin' cute! Congrats on the win. It took me a long time to win too, but now I win fairly often. Good luck!

  12. All those great finds should really get you into the holiday spirit. You did good.

  13. Wowser girl!!! You did get a bunch of wonderful Christmas items. Love the dishes! Hugs, Linda

  14. WOW those are FABULOUS FINDS!!!! color me impressed : ) sending hugs and thanks for dropping by Junkin Joe and here's wishing you and yours a very Merry!!! hugs... Hope to see you today!