Monday, December 10, 2012

Mixed Bag

I better get caught up so I can put some of these finds away - I don't tend to place anything until I've shared - so, here's what I found last week.

This little bell girl isn't in the best of shape,  but she was red and  is going to look cute on my shelf.  She has ESD and Japan stamped inside - ESD was a distributor for some Lefton products in Canada.  

Sometimes things just take your eye - this is not something I would normally buy - I liked the size and the shamrocks - it was made in Japan as well.

This sticker book was never used - it was published by Whitman Publishing,  the stickers go on each room of the house.  Books were half off, some of these I only paid 10 cents.

This book was never used either - it's a model puzzle - punch out the pieces and you can build a fire truck.  This book was printed in Sweden, but published by Lito Books in Montreal.

I've found other scarves designed by the Canadian artist, Anthony Paine and had very good luck selling them, but this one I'm going to keep for myself - it's a beautiful scarf - the colors are so vibrant!

I don't often give the linen section much of a glance,  I looked on the table - saw that signature and the ladybug - it was napkins - four of this pattern and two of the one below 

All wrapped together with masking tape - price  - $1.  That was a good find!!

Records were $1 - this is right in keeping with the James Bond Exhibit we just saw..

I'm listening to this one right now - isn't it a great cover?   I wouldn't mind to have some of those beads...

This one still has the cellophane on it, this one came from the grand old Canadian department store, Eaton's - it was 99 cents - that was a great store....

This is a different Elvis from the other one I have which is the one you usually see.   This one came from Eaton's too.

This is a grand old cover.

I listened to this once and that might be it - it is a bad version of the Chipmunks - oh, my....  I bought this book and there is this album in the chapter on Christmas records - it says the voices were usually sped up but in some some songs, the performers sang in falsetto voices.  It's a cute cover but that's about all this album has going for it.

Love this book!!  I'm halfway through - it recalls all things Christmas from 1940 to 1970 - I've already read about toys, candy, books and I'm on the chapter about record albums right now.  There's tons of pictures and a lot of text - it's well worth the price!  This is just my kind of book!!

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  1. that last book looks great! and i'm laughing about the crickets album. i found a knock off chipmunks record recently and it was HORRIBLE!

  2. Christmas with the Crickets. How funny!

  3. I don't put anything away until I take pictures of it too, which makes for piles sometimes. :)
    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. My rule is that if it is marked Japan and cute, I have to bring it home, no matter the condition (unless it is chipped). That little girl is so cute. And you found some Vera napkins. YAY!

    Happy Holidays,


  5. Eatons was a great store. I love all the Christmas records - wish we had a record player!

  6. Great finds! The Vera napkins are fantastic...I totally miss Eatons! When they closed in Ottawa I scored a great dress form.

  7. I almost forgot to listen to my Christmas albums! Last year my now EX friend gave me a record player for Christmas & I had sworn to listen to my Christmas albums - fav is Dolly Parton & Kenny Rogers!

    I'm in love with shamrocks right now. And that book looks like a lot of fun.

  8. You found so many good things Jill! Great score with the Vera napkins, and I love the shamrock pitcher. I accumulate piles too. I have to post about it before I can display it or pack it away.
    lol Erica :)

  9. Oh lovely finds! Ive started lookig for christmas records now too, a few weeks ago there were so many, but I over looked them, there must be another vintage christmas lover in st. johns!

  10. Many wonderful finds!
    I love that shamrock jug.
    I would have snapped it up in a instant.

  11. Nice finds – I especially like the pitcher, and the graphics on the Elvis album and the sticker book. Christmas with the Happy Crickets - maybe the Crickets had a bit too much Eggnog before they recorded their album!! The last book sounds really interesting.

  12. Wonderful finds. I love the graphics on those old albums. What a deal on the Vera napkins!

  13. Oh I love everything! The little girl is Grandmother had one just like it! Thanks for sharing with us at Junkin Joe -- we love seeing you there! This week we are starting the party early -- hope to see you there! : ) hugs...

  14. What a great haul! I love that pitcher and I'm in shock over those scarves!