Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tree #2

Here's Tree #2  -   our tree is a mismatch of ornaments - old ones, new ones, family ones, gifts - just a little bit of everything and that's just the way I like it!!  I like a lot of ornaments on the tree - can you tell??  Click on the picture for a closer look.  I have one more tree to share with you yet....

I'd sure like to have more of these wooden beads, I've had them for a few years now - the last ones we found was a few years ago and we had to paint them to match the old ones.

That's one of my new shiny brites

We always had that type of bird on our tree at home

This is one you really need to click on - see the little gold tag on the top  - it says Vera, yes, it's a Vera Christmas ornament - my dear friend, Carol, who has been my penpal since we were young girls sent them to me - she's my fellow Vera collector!!  And, this isn't the only one, there was a whole box!

And, this week, Erica sent me an Annalee doll - how cute is she, with her little candycane dress?

Another one of my shiny brites from the boxes I found.

Those knee huggers are so cute - this is a newer one, I found four the same last year

Mom made these ornaments for Carla and Darcy when they were little

This Santa is made out of a starfish

This old ornament was in with the shiny brites, I don't think the lights are hot enough to make the inside spin

Carol sent these another year - with all our initials

I bought this tobaggan at Zellers a few years ago - I guess in the years to come I will be able to say I bought that there, as the store will be no more soon, I don't think I will have fond memories of Zellers, like I do of Eaton's

One of Mom's old honeycomb bells - you can see the Made in Japan sticker is still there 

Carol sent me this cute snowman this year.

The top of the tree.


  1. Oh, wow! Vera ornaments? Leave it to you to have Vera ornaments on your tree. Now we need to come up with Pyrex ones! I have a box of old Corning ornaments but what I would really love would be little mini's of the actual dishes. How cute would a tiny Butterprint bowl be on a Christmas tree? I would have to have every single one and then I would need another tree!


  2. I adore trees with so many different ornaments. Your's all all charming. Vera ornaments? Wow! Now that is special for sure. I enjoy the little vintage ornaments the best! hugs, Linda

  3. Such a great collection of ornaments! Your knee hugger elves are adorable! Yes, it's hard to believe all the Zellers are closing~ I just hope the Targets that replace them are as good as the ones in the US!

  4. It is as great as I imagined! I love the mix of ornaments. Old, new, and handmade. Doesn't get much better than that. :-)

  5. lovely! I really love the honeycomb ornament :)

  6. I love when there's a special story on ornaments - makes trimming the tree that more special.

  7. beautiful! that is my favorite kind of tree! i love all the meaningful ornaments all together.