Monday, December 3, 2012

Love Those Blow Molds

We went away for the weekend - there were places to go and things to do, but I still managed to get some thrifting in - and did I have luck on the blow mold front.

This beauty was right inside the door at Value Village, I scooped her up and loaded her into a cart - I couldn't believe it - she's in pristine condition, looks like she has never experienced the elements!    She's 32 inches high - Made in Canada.  I needed one more for the front of the house, she's perfect!  

Another Value Village - another blow mold right inside the door.  The clerk plugged Mr. Snowman in, didn't work, I said that was fine - I knew we could get him going, I plugged in it at home, worked - the clerk had given me $1 off - it was only $3.99.  He was made by TPI Plastics in Canada.

This one came from an antique market - Gary was at  the next booth ahead of me, he poked his head around, holding a snowman- do you want this, he said.  I grabbed it from him!  He's about 13 inches high, another one in perfect shape!

Then he spotted this one - Santa started out as a bank, the coin slot is in his back., Regal Toy, Toronto is printed on the back of him.   Someone transformed him into a light up Santa - cute!!

It seems like I never find any blow molds around here, but go somewhere new - and I'm lucky!!  I found some other small Christmas items, but I'll save those for another day.

Speaking of luck -tomorrow evening I'll be drawing a lucky winner in my Vintage Christmas Draw - if you haven't entered, come on over and enter here.  

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  1. Awesome! I love them all! :)

  2. I have never seen blow molds for sale here. Great finds!

  3. I think you and I may need to join a blow mold support group! I picked up three more this weekend. Why are they so hard to walk away from?

    Score on your angel! Never seen one of those before.

    Happy Holidays, Friend!


  4. I love the Santa bank/light/whatevs he is now.

    Regal Toys made some fantastic, sometimes fantastically creepy, banks!

  5. Love the bank conversion! Great collection!

  6. I'm in total blowmold heaven!

    Love them all! :)

    Some i've never seen here

  7. Love your blow mold finds, I love your little snowman, Im after one of my own, I like the small ones that I can display inside.

    I saw a house the other day that had a bunch of blowmolds, including that angel! it had some snowman and candles too I think? Anyway, Ive seen quite a few on peoples lawns here, theyre so great.

    Cant wait to see what else you got!

  8. I love a good blow mold. I haven't see the angel one before. Very cute. I just bought a Santa for my front porch, but he keeps blowing over in the wind.

  9. They're all great. I have the snowman, very large lawn size, but he's very faded and I'm gonna try and paint him. Great post!

  10. These are absolutely wonderful. I have a house and a garage full of thrift / swap meet finds but no Christmas items -- they are so expensive.

    I'm really enjoying this blog hop, but haven't added my name because I don't have anything wonderful to share. Thanks for letting me tag along though!

  11. These are great! I just love the snowmen!