Wednesday, November 28, 2012

First Bit of Decorating

We are hooked on the "door shelf" - you could look a long time for a cute little corner shelf like this - it's the greatest idea!   Gary bought the door used, made the shelves, painted and all I had to do was load up the shelves, but you know, that's not so easy - you stand back and something just doesn't look right, I did this numerous times.... I could still be moving things around!  This is my second shelf, he also made one for Carla which she took home this weekend, I think he should go into shelf production!!  This is also the first Christmas decorating I've done, except for buying a Poinsettia and I guess that doesn't really count... 

I think this is perfect post for Rednesday - bet there's some Christmas posts over there already...  I am also linking up with Vintage Thingie Thursday , Share Your Cup Thursday and Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop  If you haven't entered my vintage Christmas draw - please come on over and enter here.

I've probably blogged about most of these items, I found a lot of them in the past year and brought quite a few from home.   I've never made a vintage shelf like this before - I love it!  You can click on for a closer look at any picture.  I just want to stare at the shelf, it looks so pretty.

I didn't have a Santa knee hugger, he just arrived this week, some things you just have to buy online.

Putz houses from home

I love the music box, it belonged to my grandmother, it should have a candle in the middle but I didn't get around to buying that yet.  I blogged about my little "hair ornaments" last year - if you want to read it - well, here it is

Don't worry, this is not the music box I'm giving away, the other one is packed safely away in the closet.  I love the Santa with sleigh, this also came from home, it was never my Mom's, I think it belonged to my great aunt.

Shiny Brites in Pyrex, I like it!!  I used Mom's old corsage and a Christmas hankie from her collection too.  

I blogged about the doll a while ago, I didn't know what she was, turns out she's a Bradley doll, from the 70's.

So many people seem to have this same blow mold!    


  1. I had a bradley doll in the 1970s when I was a kid, so did my sister. Great Christmas corner

  2. Love your door shelf, corner shelves are so much fun. Adore your collection, everything is so darling.

    Happy holiday Rednesday!

  3. How cool is that shelf? Amazing work!

  4. My husband has the day off and we are going through the Christmas totes! I also have that Santa blow mold, and I was in a store yesterday that decorated with 5 of these empty ones!
    I love your shelves!!!! Very very cute!

  5. Don't you just love handy husbands?! The shelf looks great! I'd sit back and admire it too if I were you!
    The ornaments in the Pyrex are a great idea! One I have used myself this year!
    That dang Santa blow mold is ALL over blogland!!! :)

  6. It's magical! I bet you keep glancing at it! LOL
    Now I want a knee hugger Santa.
    I love each and every detail.
    Erica :)

  7. You have some really neat goodies. Now that door turning into shelves is a new for me. Great idea.

  8. I love it all! You have some great things :)

  9. Love all your charming vintage Christmas decorations and I really love that door/shelf idea!!!!

  10. Everything is so cute! I really like the door shelf.

  11. Love the corner shelf and all your Christmas decorations! CUTE!!!

    hugs, Linda

  12. Great display of vintage sweetness. And great shelves too!

  13. I love the shelf and all those vintage Christmas decorations! You really have amassed quite a collection! My favorite is probably the puts houses...I've always had a "thing" for little houses!

  14. You have some really wonderful vintage Christmas cuties. Your shelf is great, what a terrific way to display your treasures.

    Happy Rednesday!

  15. Jill,
    the door shelf is really a fun idea. I love all of your vintage treasures! I have two blow molds. One is a large outdoor one and one is on my candy table. I will be posting about it later. I have the little Santa but not the Mrs. I would love if you would share this with share Your Cup.

  16. I've pinned that door shelf too! I could seriously just sit on my couch and stare at it all day. Oh the vintage cuteness!

    Happy Holidays!


  17. I've seen that shelf idea online too! How cool that you guys actually made it! This is a great way to show off your vintage lovelies. Looks so cool!!!

  18. I love all your vintage treasures! And the door shelf is great-might have to talk my husband into making me one now!


  19. what a perfect place to corral your collection! stopping over from VTT.

  20. Do you know anything about the red reindeer behind the santa sleigh. I came across one that is similar; it looks old but I dont' know anything about it. Just curious.

  21. What a fantastic Christmas display of vintage goodies! My favourite is the Santa knee hugger!
    Thanks for sharing:)

  22. These pictures make me smile. I love your vintage Christmas treasures and I really love that corner shelf! Great display.

  23. loving your vintage touches. I remember so many of these decorations.. I am vintage too, giggle. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things Blog hop xo

  24. I absolutely LOVE your door shelf! Such an incredibly great idea, and you've filled those shelves with so much vintage Christmas goodness, and each little vignette is so charming!
    Happy REDnesday,