Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vintage Ads for Rednesday

I wanted to do something for Rednesday, old ad posts are always fun, not much text, just pictures, these are all from my old magazines.

Oct. 1952 - I wanted to include this on a Halloween post but it didn't happen, so here it is. This is such a great cover.

Every Woman's 1952

Every Woman's 1952 - makes me think of Mad Men!

There were surely no shortage of cigarette ads - Every Woman's, 1954

I remember Mom having this box of spaghetti and the little can of sauce in the box - Woman's Day, 1966

Family Circle, 1968

Family Circle, 1968

Family Circle, 1972

I've never had Manwich in my life!!  McCall's, 1979

Canadian Living, 1979

Family Circle, 1981

Susan Lucci in all her 80's glory - Good Housekeeping, 1985

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  1. Fantastic vintage ads! Love the PlayDoh one! I too have never tried a Manwich ~ but my mom could make a mean Sloppy Joe!
    I'm your newest follower;0)

  2. It's never too late to give Manwich a try. =D
    Love all the vintage ads.
    "I think I need a shopping lift right about now" *heheh*

  3. As a 25+ year watcher of All My Children, I LOVE the Susan Lucci ad. She looks exactly the same as she does today:-)


  4. Those are so great! I love vintage ads! Thanks for sharing your fun magazine ads. I love the smoking poodles, haa!

  5. Vintage ads are so cool. Smoking poodles! So funny!

  6. Love the ads, where did you find the vintage magazines? I never find them at thrift stores!

  7. That is a crazy ad with the poodles!

    I love ads in old mags, so fun and colorful :)

  8. So fun Jill! I remember alot of these. Yes, there use to be tons of cigarette ads. Sure don't see that anymore. I haven't had Manwich in years but it's really pretty good. I have a good homemade sloppy Joe recipe but I use to make Manwich now and then when my kids were little. Thanks for sharing this fun trip down memory lane with Share Your Cup.