Monday, November 5, 2012

Dishes and a Question on a Doll...

I don't find myself buying as many Pyrex pieces as I did - because I have a lot and where am I to put it.  But, still I pick up an odd piece here and there and sometimes you just can't help yourself - you know what I mean?

The other Saturday I was headed to the store and saw a garage sale sign, there just are no garage sales around here this time of the year, so I thought I better pull in, really, I had hopes of a blow mold - none of those, but I did come out of there with something, I spent $3 for three things.

This was such a rich color and in great shape, I thought it might have looked better than the 403 that I have, Carla has a nice one as well, so I can't give it to her either, if anyone out there is looking for this bowl, I'd like to trade it.

I always like Butterfly Gold, I didn't have this 402.

I took this picture to compare the different pie plates, I bought the little one at the bottom that day, it's so much smaller than the Pink Flamingo at the top or the Flavor Saver plate, it measures 8 inches, it's a 208 and made in Canada!

I traded this cute little 473B Colonial Mist with Erica - Erica and Hanna find the greatest things - if you haven't checked out The Adventures of two (Pyrex Crazy) Thrifting Sisters, well, you just should right now.  Thanks, Erica!

I went back to the shop where I found all the Shiny Brites a while back, they're closing soon for the season, I can see why, it was freezing in there.   This 2 1/2 quart hostess bowl was a nice find, especially with the lid and it's in great shape too.

These books came from there too - I thought the Football book might be a good one to list - it's a Scholastic book, published in 1961.  The Elf Books have the sweetest illustrations, as seen below, it's from 1953.  

I spotted this on my last stroll through the store - does anyone know anything about this doll?  She is standing on a plastic base, Made in Korea is the only marking on her.  She has very unique eyes, I don't know what material her hair is.  She has cloth like hands and legs, her face is plastic, she is wearing a crinoline under her dress, with red underpants.  She looked like Christmas to me, so that's why I bought her. 

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  1. These dolls were really popular when I was young 60's to 70's. I remember the eyes being painted directly onto the fabric face. Her hair would probably be an acrylic or nylon.
    She definitely looks like Christmas!
    London, UK

  2. i love that hostess bowl! The matching lid is very neat. The lids I see are all clear and those are usually missing too. Thank you for linking up at Cap Creations.

  3. The green pyrex bowl is lovely.
    I adore the yellow hostess bowl.
    I have seen a few of those style of dolls. They are so cute. I have never seen a Christmas one though. =D

  4. Love the green bowl! I don't have much extra pyrex to trade lately tho. Just a vera scarf. I will look around at my pyrex again... Anything you are looking for Jill?

  5. You found some really good stuff! I love my Pyrex but have slowed down in my collecting and even sold off lots of it to a friend with a antique booth.

    hugs, Linda

  6. Don't you love how our good intentions of not bringing home more Pyrex always gets the best of us? I just can't leave it behind. I love the yellow Hostess dish. We used ours for the first time last night. We had Mexican food and Maddie put tortilla chips in it when she set the table. I got the glasses you sent me today and they are PERFECT! Thank you so much and I think that you and I have proven that if you just take the time and effort to package breakables properly, you can ship them internationally.

    Have an awesonme week!


  7. Hmmm...that is a little mystery doll. She's darn cute. Yes, I believe I "stopped" collecting PYREX awhile ago. But somehow I still manage to take in an average of 1 piece per week. Ahhhh!
    Love that Asopes book!
    Erica :)

  8. I think she is a Bradley doll.

  9. I saw one of the Yellow Hostess bowls today, but it didn't look near as lovely as the one you found. And it has the lid! Awesome!

  10. I love that pretty doll! She sure does look like Christmas. I would love to pick up some more Pyrex. I guess I just don't know where to look!

  11. Glad your Colonial Mist made it OK across the border! I was lucky enough to find my yellow hostess with the lid, too... from Goodwill! I still can't help myself, picking up every nice piece I see.. because I've convinced myself that I am going to open a booth. Whether this is a front to hoard, I am yet to find out.

  12. Cute finds! What would you be interested in trading for the green bowl? I don't have a lot of Pyrex yet, but if I know what you're looking for, I'll keep my eyes opened for you.

  13. Love all of your finds, especially the kid's books!

  14. Fun the yellow Hostess!

  15. I love the Colonial Mist Pyrex and the yellow Hostess! We found a red one recently, and I didn't even know Pyrex made anything like that before. Fun finds!
    Thanks for linking up with us :)