Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mixed Bag of Goodies

Finally, the shelves are beginning to fill up at the thrifts with Christmas, you have to look long and hard though to find anything good - there is just so much junk and dollar store merchandise that they are often trying to sell for way more than the original price.  I did find something nice  and I'm sure all of us that are on the hunt for those vintage decorations will start to find some neat things in the weeks ahead.  I imagine there'll be some Christmas goodies over at the Thriftasaurus Link Up - check it out!  I'm also linking up with The Nifty Thrifty and Thrifty Things Friday

I think this was probably under priced at Value Village,   I paid $3.99 for this sweet little music box that plays Jingle Bells - it has a wooden base, made in Taiwan, imported by Giftcraft.I wonder if it's Napco?  She's just in perfect shape, not a chip and not faded at all.  

50 cents for this guy 

The Wonderful World of the Music Box, Bells and Chimes - I tried it out, nice....

I read that Christmas stitchery kits are popular for resale on Ebay, I saw this so figured I might as well give it a try.  Last week I had eight scarves listed and not one sold...that is not good at all!

JAJ Pyrex - it's a different style of bowl, it has a little lip on one side -  it's about six inches across, the price was $1.99

A Prince Edward Island mug - of course, I had to buy it!!  

Four Vera's - the one on the left I found at Value Village, the rest I bought on Ebay, three ladybugs, all nice.


  1. Great Christmas finds! The music box is really sweet and loving the red flocked reindeer. Too bad about your scarves not selling hopefully you have better luck with the holidays approaching!

  2. Nice finds! I have been to the thrift stores quite a bit this week scavenging through the Christmas decorations and have found a few things. I really love that little deer. Maddie and I saw a similar one at an open house last week. I think I may go back for it!


  3. Nice finds, Jill! Hope your sales increase. Are you selling on eBay? Would love to peruse your shop(s).

  4. Love the little music box! It does my heart good to see vintage things in the thrift and not all that dollar store junk! I've been away from thrifting but hope to do some soon!
    hugs, Linda

  5. All cool stuff, but my fav is that little reindeer! I like the weirdest stuff!

  6. Love the Christmas stitchery. I'm sure that will sell easily.

  7. I love all the kitschy Christmas goodness. :) !

  8. I totally would have had to bring home the red flocked deer. GOSH he's cute.

    You found yourself some great stuff.

  9. I love all of your finds! Especially the deer and music box! So sweet! Loving the Pyrex as usual! :)