Thursday, December 6, 2012

New Old Christmas Stuff

This is a catch up post of my newest finds - mostly all Christmas.  

The only new thing here is the little tree, it's plastic and has a square bottom, it apparently belonged on something, what, I don't know....

I bought the Santa on the weekend, Made in Japan is stamped very faintly on the back of his coat. That's an Ikea vase that I bought - just for some shiny brites.

I don't mind to say that I was so jealous of everybody's Santa cups, I had not a one, until yesterday.  The Santa on the right was waiting for me at the Salvation Army, Made in Japan and only 25 cents.  The other two I found at the junkiest thrift in the city, 50 cents each.  I found the rubber Santa there too, he was 10 cents - his nose blinks when you turn him on, is he ever cute!!  I bought the bubble lights on the weekend., I'd sure love to have a whole set, we never had them at home, but I remember my great aunt did and I was always fascinated by them.  There's probably not much chance I'll ever have them either, they are quite expensive.   The old world Santa on the right came from Home Sense, he was made in Sweden, I bought the little glitter house there too. Those are some of Mom's old ornaments in the JAJ snowflake bowl.

This is my first year to have the Tom and Jerry bowl, I bought it on Ebay after Christmas, for cheap and found the two mugs this summer.  My friend, Sharon sent me the little set on the left last year for Christmas,  another new item to display even though I've had it for nearly a year!

This was the first door shelf that Gary made.

I found these ornaments last year but haven't gotten around to doing anything with them, so filled up this jar and put them above the cupboards.

On the weekend, Darcy says, there's a big Salvation Army down the road, well, take me there!!!   This is my second box of Satin Sheen decorations, I have Mom's, they were gold, matter of fact, they are in a previous picture.  

This album came from there too.

Yesterday I made a visit to this little antique shop, the turnover is not very high, so I don't go often, the elderly gentleman is so appreciative of anything you buy - I saw this as soon as I went in the door - Kresge's Lights - haven't seen these in a long time..

This isn't new, I'm including it because the picture turned out so nice.   Some of my pictures are good, others not so good - I'm wishin' and hopin' that Santa brings me a new camera...

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  1. One of my first boyfriend's parents (this is 25 plus years ago) had original bubble lights on their tree. They were farmers. They also sewed little bags to reuse instead of Christmas wrapping. Way ahead of their time!

  2. such a great batch of stuff! i need to put my christmas up so i can go look for more! i promised i wouldn't bring home anything new until i saw all i had. i love those bubble lights! my aunt has a whole set she keeps saying she is going to give to me...we'll see.

  3. Loved your post of neat little Christmas treasures.

  4. I was at Home Goods today and they had new boxes of Shiny Brite ornaments. Did you know that they are making them again? It was really hard for me not to buy them but I think I am going to stay strictly with the vintage. I tell you what, Brian is going to be making me one of those door shelfs sooner than he thinks!

    Happy Holidays!


  5. I like the ornaments in a jar - I might have to do that! Visiting you from VTT.

    Come and join me for my Countdown to Kitschmas.

  6. Well you certainly have added to your x-mas stash recently! I'm happy that you found some Santa mugs! And I love the jar packed with little vintage x-masy stuff!
    Love it all-
    Erica :)

  7. Congrats on finding the Santa mugs!!

    Love the album. The Little Drummer Boy is my favorite Christmas carol!!

  8. What a fun bunch of Christmas decorations! I love it all and love the way you have it displayed! Can you believe the only Christmas decorating I've done is putting up the tree and decorating it?

  9. I love the ornaments in the vase. Great Santa mug deals!! I hope you get what you want for Christmas. ;)

  10. What fun! Love all the vintage Christmas look!

  11. I love your shelf display! Well done.

  12. I love how you display your finds - everything is so happy and cheery!

  13. Pa rum pa pum pum! Great finds there and must say that in previous posts I was jealous of your adorable vintage vignettes! FUN to visit and just like home!