Monday, June 2, 2014

Neat Stuff!!

Another weekend gone, another Saturday of many yard sales, the post where everyone puts their ad was full, I picked three, I just can't be bothered to go around to all those sales, it's just not worth it for me, I think I picked the right ones because I purchased at all three.

The first one was advertised as an estate sale, still not an estate sale like so many of you are used to but for me, it was fine, nothing was priced, just give whatever, they just wanted to get rid of the stuff, great!!

I finally found some Gurley candles - finally!!  I know the angel is missing an eye - I'll fix her up!!  I was so happy to find these, I thought of Vintage Sister Erica right away, I knew she would be so happy that I finally came upon some of these candles!!!  And, she was, because I posted them on Instagram

This lady must have loved Christmas candles, there was a table full - I bought this little box of miniatures - all never used and only one missing, made in Japan.

I already have one of these Santa's and the little girl, but these are in much better shape.

I bought these for display - but you know, the French Fry cutter is a whole lot sturdier than the one we have!  Aren't the graphics great?

My first Pyrex pixie dish and also the first piece in this Blue Laurel pattern

I saw one, I saw two, then the third - I grabbed them all - little Federal bowls that match my mixing bowls I found last year at a yard sale.

I brought something home for the game room too..

At the next sale, I bought this lone Christmas mug, it was an older lady and her son, the son says 25 cents, oh, no, the lady says, that's Christmas, it's more, $1 - I laughed , I asked if there was a set, she said there were two, but I guess only made it - it's beat up but that doesn't matter in the least to me.

I would have stayed longer at this last sale but the bugs were so bad and everything that I was interested in was in boxes under the tables, but Ifound something before the bugs carried me away..  I don't really know why I bought this, but I did - I paid $1 for everything I took home.

This is the neatest old book, copyright 1952, I'm going to read this -  good for a laugh - women back in the 50's had so much work to do - care of underwear - wash underwear after each wearing, mend your underwear when the first split appears, when underwear fades, dip it in a dye of the original color!  Did you know the color white is bad after forty?  Oh, this is going to be fun!!

In the afternoon, I moved on to the thrifts, only luck at one - I paid $1 for all this stuff...  my thrifting trip was worthwhile, I found a Vera!!

I was carrying around this thermos , a guy who I believe to be a dealer, stopped me and said the thermos had a crack in the lid, I said it didn't matter, I was buying it for display!!  

These aren't old and they were unopened, I thought they were just regular playing cards, I  thought the diner was cute, I opened them this morning, they're all different - love them!    Perfect for SMASHing!!

I paid less than $10 for everything I bought on Saturday!   I like it!!

Yesterday we went to get flowers, the flea market that had the large fruit pail that I posted a few weeks ago was on the way, I've been thinking about it ever since so many people told me that I should get it, it was priced at $25.  The more I thought about it the more I knew I had to have it.  It was still there yesterday, I offered $15, nothing doing, which I figured, but I got it for $20 - not bad for this huge old pail!

And to finish off the day, I bought these swizzle sticks for $2.

I know I was lucky on Saturday, that doesn't happen very often around here!!

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  1. You got that fabulous fruit bucket! At our thrift store last week I saw for the first time three Pyrex pixie bowls, I passed them up I'm running out of space. I would have found room for those awesome Federal bowls, love them.

  2. Wow-- so much neat stuff! Love the Gurleys; they are hard to find here too. That book does look like a fun read. Nowadays, we just toss and buy everything new, right? Like those playing cards too. Good for you getting the fruit bucket!

  3. You had fun....and it didn't cost a lot! That's what I love about thrifting. The big bucket is gorgeous! How I would love to find one of the old sand pails for a reasonable price. Have FUN! Hugs!

  4. Cute little Christmas people! Love those Federal bowls and yay for your first piece!! :) Happy new week! xo Holly

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  6. Love the swizzle sticks, I found a bunch a while back and I just love them!

  7. Woo-hoo, awesome finds! I love all the Christmas, of course. Thanks for linking up to TTF! :)

  8. Sweet finds! My Mom used to have those angel candles, cute.

  9. Loving it, Jill! Great Federal bowls! I've never been a fan of the Pyrex Pixies, what are they used for? Banana splits? It seems they are highly desired though. & yeah, those Federal bowls seem to have gone up in price on eBay (the larger ones at least).

    Strawberry Shortcake sells well on eBay, at least BIN. There is some idiot (s) who always bid with 0 feedback & never pay when it's an auction.

  10. You found some great stuff. I always love Gurley candles. The Federal bowls are wonderful and I have never seen them outside of an antique store.

  11. Awesome awesome finds Jill! Love the strawberry shortcake loot bags ;)

  12. You sure did pick the right 3 sales! Such a fun post, the caroller is so sweet.

  13. I am so happy that you found so much great stuff! Doesn't it just make you itch to go out and find more? This is your year for Gurley candles, I just know it! The crazy thing is that in all of my stash, I don't have the larger one that you found. I don't think I've ever even seen it. Great score!!

    Have an awesome day!


  14. Jill, I can't believe what a haul you made!!! I love everything...especially the pixie and the Federal Glass Bowls. And I would have paid for that fruit can too, that is amazing. Enjoy your week. Stacey

  15. Awww! You know I'm loving those snowman spun heads! And the fruit pail is wonderful! I'm glad you went back and got it.
    Can't wait to see how you SMASH with those diner cards. They're great!
    I'm happy to see that you're having success finding things!
    Erica :)
    ps. Yay! You found a Santa Mug!

  16. How did I miss this post?? lol...I love everything you found! Those alphabet cards are so neat!

  17. How did I miss this post?? lol...I love everything you found! Those alphabet cards are so neat!