Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My Vintage Christmas Postcards

It was exactly one  year ago today that I did a post on my vintage Christmas postcards, if you care to go back and look at those cards, click right here.  I collected these cards for a few years, they really are so pretty and every so often I just like to take them out and have a look.

The postcards with artwork by Ellen Clapsaddle were always my favorite - the children are always so sweet.

This card has no postmark but it is written on - it was written to Mary in Kokomo, Indiana from her "bro and sis" - Jack and Pearl.  It has a one cent stamp.

Another Clapsaddle card that was exchanged between friends, from Herbert to Miss Nellie Otto.

This Clapsaddle has the cutest message, I had to scan it too..

I wonder how long it took this card to travel all the way from Ontario to Florida back in 1922..

If you check out my post from last year, there's a card there from the same series as this one.  This card was written from Willa to Eleanor Blanchard.

This card was postmarked in 1916 from Gramma to Mr. Le Mallett

This card is probably the newest one out of this lot, it is postmarked 1924 and sent to an address in Clarksville, Iowa.

I think this one is so cute - looks at his little toolbox, he really wants Santa to know where he is.  This card was postmarked 1913 and sent from Uncle Axel to Master Gordon Wrigel in St. Paul, Minnesota

This one is what you call an undivided card - there are no divisions on the back for the message and address - it was postmarked 1906 from Bellows Falls, VT and sent to Winchendon, MA - from Aunt E to Master Dexter Whittermore.

This card is really cute too - it's a Whitney card.

This card was never postmarked, it must have been hand delivered from Aunt Lillian to Russel.

Don't you wish you could look in your mailbox tomorrow and find a card or two like any of these? 

I'm linking this post over at Dawn's party that has a new name this week -We Call it Junkin


  1. Oh, I'm glad you scanned the message from Ontario to Florida...how neat! I love these all and yes, it would be fun to exchange these. I wonder if they make Christmas postcards any more! Sweet hugs!

  2. I love old postcards. I used to go to Canton, Texas every month and hunt for them.

  3. These are so sweet, I can only imagine what Christmas was like back then! Im sure 8 year olds weren't asking for iphones! Haha

  4. I loved looking at those again. Can you believe that I don't have one vintage Christmas post card? Greeting cards, yes. But no post cards. I'm on the hunt!

    Happy Holidays~


  5. A very special post. Thank you for sharing. I wonder if our modern cards will be shared one day in the future. It is really a glimpse into past times and traditions. Your collection is outstanding. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  6. You have acquired such a beautiful collection. I have my grandmothers postcard collection, I love the artwork from the early 20s. Thank you for such an informative post.

  7. I just scanned in my whole collection! I can't wait to share!

  8. Great cards and images! Nothing like the old ones!

  9. These post cards are so sweet! I love the old greetings and the drawings and artwork are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing more of your treasures.

  10. You have such an impressive collection. My favorite one of this group has to be the slightly maniacal Santa at the very end. He's a bit scary!

  11. Your postcards are fantastic Jill! I love ephemera and thank you for sharing yours. Those old dates and sweet notes written just draw me in to wonder about the people and those times. :)

  12. Still love 'em! No vintage Christmas postcards here.

    I'm looking for some Devil ones & Halloween ones, Christmas not so much!

    I'd love to open up my mailbox & find one of these.

    BTW JILL...
    I was not expecting that gift. THANK YOU SO MUCH! <3. We haven't heard about our $$$, but when I hear, your knee hugger is on the way.

  13. I used to live in Kokomo, IN once upon a time! It's always fun to see a vintage postcard you have a small connection with, whether it be the city, the picture or the names written on the back.

  14. I love postcards too! These are beautiful :)

  15. I love all those old postcards! And the sweet messages on the backsides! It's so neat to think about the people who wrote them! :) Christmas Hugs!! xo Holly

  16. Oh Jill, I thoroughly enjoyed this post. I love the images, and that you included the names and dates so we get some history along with the wonderful artwork. Definitely featuring this on the Link Party Features Pinterest board! Thanks so much for sharing at my History & Home party, blessings to you - Dawn