Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Little Bit of Christmas

Vintage Christmas has been hard to come by so far, surely it will pick up now that December is here.  I have a few things to share, a pretty small haul, that's for sure!! But, I'm happy with what I found!!

I have to organize all my shiny brites this week, there are just too many bags and boxes of them and now I have more to add to the mix.

This is the first Santa mug I've found this year, he's in sort of rough shape, but still cute and he was priced at only 50 cents.

This little gal has a flocked type of dress and glass pieces down each side of her dress, I bought a bag of junk to get her, there was only one other half decent item in the bag, the rest will be donated back.

I think this little angel is sweet - she came in another bag of junk that I found earlier in the week.  

I guess that bag wasn't so junky after all, as these little miniatures were in it too.  There's no markings of any kind on any of these items.

My kids had something like this Santa, I think it was an animal of some sort, you squeeze him, his hands will open and you can hook him on somewhere.  He has a great old Santa face!!

These flocked bows were in one of the bags too.  They are stiff, have hangers on them and a couple of small pin holes, so there must have been something else on them.  

These little paper garlands are pretty cute - two were still in the package - I'm not sure what I'll do with them, I know some will go in my Christmas Smash book.

Four of these song books were in a bag, the book has Christmas songs and others, some of which are very strange songs to be included in a Christmas book.  There's all kinds of local advertisements in it too.

I don't think these books were ever used so two more to add to my Christmas book collection.  The Grinch book retailed for $20 when this was sold, I saw one yesterday and it was more than that, I paid 50 cents!!

My finds were small but at least I came home with something - I shouldn't complain!!  Now, I soon need to get some of this Christmas out on display!!

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  1. Too many Shiny brites. What a pain, huh? ;)

    I finally scored some vintage Christmas yesterday and what a score! ♥

  2. Lovely holiday finds. I especially like the cute figurines!

  3. I saw one of those squeeze guys this week, very old, bust his face & white parts were so dirty, there was no saving him.

    Love the Santa mug, of course!

  4. Great Christmas finds Jill!

  5. Wow, lots of cute finds! Love the angel best, and she looks really old, good score!

  6. I have an almost identical angel to the white one you found. I'm going to post it on my blog soon. My sister and I each got one in the early 60's I think and I'm glad I kept mine. It's on the top of my foot tall feather tree.

  7. Great Christmas finds so far! Keep 'em comin!

  8. Oh it looks like you've been digging in my Christmas boxes, we love the same stuff! Thanks for coming by Thifter/Maker/Fixer/Farm, we're happy to have you link up.

  9. You did pretty good! I organized my ornaments yesterday. I had one pile for crafting, one for my real tree, and one for my aluminum tree. It's pretty time consuming! Can't wait to see your decorations. Got all of mine up over the weekend except for the trees. That project will start next weekend. Then, hopefully I can relax and do a little crafting and baking.

    Have a wonderful week!


  10. I had one of those squeeze guys--it was Pee Wee Herman!

  11. What cute garlands! This was quite a treasure trove!

  12. Love this Christmas goodness! :D

  13. I had that Grinch book! Probably got it about 45 years ago. Was it really that expensive then?