Thursday, August 8, 2013

Flashbacks from the Eaton's Catalogue, 1961

I said I would be sharing some pages from my Eaton's Fall and Winter Catalogue from 1961-62 that I found on the weekend so here it goes.  These posts are very popular for me - I've done a couple more with other catalogues that I've found, if you missed them, click here and here - they're fun posts to do. 


This is just going to be random, pictures that took my eye, in no particular order, I'll do fashion ones later.   Click on any pic and you can see it close up.   You could buy just about anything from the catalogue back then...

You could even buy a canary or a budgie - for $10.97.  Live birds were only shipped to prepaid express stations, arriving Tuesday to Friday - can you imagine getting a bird in the mail?

A tiara must have been sort of popular back in the early 60's  - I never knew anybody with one,d id you?  The most expensive one was $2.93 - came with plastic combs to keep it secure.

This would be a heavy parcel arriving - shingles for your house!

A pink bathroom, in all its glory!! The whole set including tub, basin, and toilet was $177.77 - it was also available in blue, green, sun tan and white.

Even the ironing boards were colourful back then.  Mom had one for years that looked just like the yellow one.

More pretty turquoise and pink - did you know that the canister sets and bread box together was called a pantry set?  You could buy the canister set in chromium plated or stainless steal, for a difference of $2.

This is the first catalogue I've found that has Pyrex in it.  Oh, my goodness, the prices - the Butterprint Cinderella's were $7.50, the original mixing bowl set was $5.95.  The Butterprint Fridgie Set was $5.95 - no pattern name is specified on anything, just the colour.  It says they were guaranteed two full years against heat breakage - to think we're still using those same pieces that were bought way back then..

The striped blanket in the middle must have been Eaton's duplicate of the famous Hudson Bay blanket, this one was called "Trapper Point".  Everything was just so colorful - more pinks and turquoise.

Didn't everybody have a Mary Maxim sweater knitted by Mom?  The wool was $1.10 a skein and the pattern was 25 cents.

I bet a lot of young boys were supporting their Leafs or Canadiens in those sweaters.  Take a look at the hockey equipment, pretty basic, compared to the way it looks now

Look at that old Noxzema jar!!  The 4 oz jar cost 93 cents, the larger 14 oz jar was $1.89.  I remember Mom had Evening in Paris perfume in a blue bottle, here you could order the Talc.

The "Pony Tail" Charmers took my eye here - for travel, for school.  There's the train case, overnight case, hat box and school bag - I want them!!  The Deskette Set consisted of envelopes, writing paper, and blotter - I want this too!!!


Some one left their list inside - the back is covered in calculations - I wonder if she ordered all these things. ..

I love these old catalogues  - I won't be happy though until I find an old Christmas one!

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  1. Thanks for taking us back in time. I can relate to them and enjoyed my visit.

  2. I love that you could buy a tiara. The bird in the mail, not so much. My dad used nothing but Noxzema on his face for years and he has amazing skin. :)

  3. I used to love gettin Ponytail items! I had forgotten they once existed. Each item is a memory for me. Love your catalog pages!

  4. I received a tiara for being chosen our church youth group's Valentine's Day queen. That was in the mid-60's. Still have it somewhere. Little combs and all. ;) Linda at Wetcreek Blog

  5. How fun! I found your blog over at Pamela's Playing with my Camera, and had to pop over. I spent hours pouring over the Eaton's and Simpson Sears catalogues when I was growing up. We lived in rural BC and did not get to the big city of Prince George but a few times a year. This really took me back!

  6. How cool is this! I am loving the canister sets, and find the pink bathroom to be hilarious. Great post and thanks for sharing!

  7. That was a really interesting post Jill. I still have a couple of Eaton catalogues in the attic from the 70's and I think the last one they produced before shutting down the catalogue end of the business. I must look for them. Thanks for sharing these photos. Fun stuff! :) Pam

  8. These are all awesome Jill! Ive never found a catalogue here, only when visiting in Ontario! I hope I find more, I really love taking a peek back in time! :)

  9. Super cool! I love the page with all the canister sets and the next one with all the dishware. That store was a one stop shop for sure! Too bad they don't really do that anymore. At least not with quality stuff.

  10. These posts are fun to read too!! Believe it or not, my mom had the "pantry set" on the bottom right-- all chrome. I talked her into replacing it in the late 70s. I thought it looked terribly outdated!! Love the prices on these items too!

  11. It's always nice to look back.
    Thanks for the reminder of a different time.

  12. That is the best catalog ever! Great for SMASHing if you could bear to cute it up:-)


  13. Fantastic! Love the catalog

  14. I'm making my wish list now and no doubt, I'll take the DeLuxe Quality Ensemble in PINK and one each of the Pony Tail Charmers! Love this post ~ brings back lots of great memories and I know I've had much of the things pass through my hands :) Judi

  15. These are so fun! Thanks for sharing all these great pages with us at TTF. I remember pouring over the Sear's catalog before Christmas and also for school clothes.

  16. So cool! I miss was definitely one of my fav department stores. I love seeing all the Pyrex and what it cost back in the day. Thanks for sharing

  17. That took me back! Every fall we'd pour of the Eatons and the Simpsons catalogues and make our wish lists.

  18. So fun Jill, I love old catalogues too! Great seeing the Pyrex. Everything was so colorful. Love it! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  19. Thank you for sharing this catalogue with us. I am crazy about old catalogues. I love to look for things I currently own.
    And see things I wish to find. (heheh)
    I want a colored toilet bowl seat.
    My parents still own a little creme color 60s garbage can like the one in the catalogue. It has some brown daisys on the side of it.