Monday, August 12, 2013

Christmas Swap Goodies

My good blogging friend, Erica - of Golden Egg Vintage fame hosted a Christmas Swap in July - I know how you agonize with these things but anyone that takes part in them so appreciates what you do!   I was paired up with Chris from California - her blog is A Little Creation.  Chris went on a summer trip to Belgium so we delayed sending our packages for a bit - mine arrived last week, thank you so much, it was really nice that you took the time to find some neat little things for me in Europe!  That includes Belgian chocolate which is not included in these pictures, I wonder why??  It was so good!!  Some items are Christmas, some are not - but all so cute!

This little plate looks like Christmas because of the sleigh, I've never seen a stork at the controls of a sleigh before, this came from Belgium.

This sweet little angel also came from Belgium - she's just a tiny little thing - so cute!

My little bobble head deer came all the way from across the sea too - he started out in Japan, went to Belgium, then the US , now he's in Canada!

Chris made this - out of a Japanese law book - I've never seen anything like it!

Chris was busy, she made this guy called  Cornelius - he's heading to the game room.  Thanks for taking the time to make these things for me.

It's hard to get pictures of everything so I did a couple of group pics 

A lot of the smaller items were in that box with the snowman on the cover - there's ornaments, crafty items including washi and look at those cute little red and white ice cream dishes..

More ornaments and a box of dominos from the USSR, they're old - another item heading to the game room.

And still more goodies - this pack of cards is also from across the ocean, they're really cute and I love the Valentines, some of them even have the year on them.

Thanks, Chris - you were very generous - and thanks, Erica for hosting this swap.  


  1. What a great partner for a swap! I love all of your goodies and I know how much fun she makes everything! Enjoy!!!

  2. Your swapping partner sure spoiled you! Cornelius is really cute:) I'm regretting I didn't participate in the July Christmas swap!

  3. Chris from Golden Egg Vintage is a jewel! What fun foreign holiday treasures she chose! I especially love the Russian Domino set. We used to exchange them at Christmas as children!

  4. That looks like it was a fun swap!

  5. I should've participated in this swap! I am in love with vintage Christmas and have some pretty amazing goodies I could've shared!

  6. That is so very nice and I love the idea of swapping "stuff"! That little paper flower is amazing ... looks so delicate ~ you definitely had a sweet, generous partner!!

  7. I spotted those ice cream containers right away! Looks like you had an amazing and crafty partner. Lucky gal!


  8. Next year I'm totally doing this! It looks like so much fun.
    That flower is beautiful, and I'm with you, I've never seen anything like it.

  9. Wow, that's a cool idea. I think your little deer is a Bambi, isn't it? And that angel is very pretty.

  10. Wow! What an amazing package! I especially love the items Chris made! So sweet. :)