Sunday, August 11, 2013

It's the Eaton's Catalogue Again

My post from earlier in the week on household items from the Eaton's catalogue was quite popular, just like any of my other catalogue posts I've done, just in case you want to catch up, here it is. Today I'm going to share some ladies' fashions with you - I'll say it again, this is the best catalogue I've found yet - there is just so much retro goodness in it and every model is just so happy and smiling, they don't often seem to look like that now....

These pictures were at the very front of the catalogue - to set the winter theme, I guess.

It says this picture was shot on the ski slopes at Sunshine Village, Banff.  The most expensive item on this page is the $25 red jacket - pure wool, of course.  I like those red boots - made of glove leather, shearling inside and foam crepe rubber soles.

This one was photographed "on the curling rink at Rossmere Golf and Country Club, Winnipeg" - no one is wearing clothes like this anymore while curling.  Aren't they a fashionable trio?

"Slim or bouffant, bare armed or demurely covered up - this is your After-five Sophistication" - look at the waists on these gals!!

I just love every dress - don't you??  

These were available in Juniors sizes - gloves were also available as well as the jewellery.  The dresses are just so cheap - that little plaid number was only $8.96.

The purple mohair type slim skirt took my eye because Mom had a green one like that and Carla has it now!  Once again, look at the waists on those girls!!  The jeans don't look so different from today's fashions.

My Barbie had a coat very similiar to the one on the top left - it was home made and the same colour with a fur collar too.  But, it wasn't mink like these!!!

Furs were also available to order - Persian Lamb, Canadian Mink, China Mink or Japanese Coney(dyed and blended rabbit) - my grandmother had a fur coat, I think that's the only person I ever knew with one.

I'm including this pic because even though I was a little girl in 1961 I remember having those brown boots with the silver buckle - they sure weren't pretty but everybody had them!

Purses and matching footwear - notice that every pair is sanitized!  

Just like some of my other catalogues, there are a lot of hat pages, this one has seven pages - love the hats!


I remember seeing slips like this in Mom's drawer - and look at that crinoline!

You'd be pretty toasty in that red robe on the left - it was made of all wool Scottish flannel - and it could only be dry cleaned!!  It's the most expensive one - $18.99

Join the Pajama Party!  Even the pajamas look fashionable!

This would have been my favourite page in the whole book, I loved brides.  I used to cut all the brides out of the newspaper and kept them in a shoe box.  My friends and I would go to any wedding, stand outside and collect the confetti that was thrown.  One time I threw all my collected confetti on Dad's car and it rained, he was not happy with me!!!

Maternity wear was loose and comfortable - not form fitting like it is now!  Call me old fashioned, I guess - I like this look!

Practical uniforms - of course, the nurses' uniforms were only available in white!

It was really hard to narrow it down, there are just so many great pages - stay tuned - mens' and childrens' fashions are coming and also some more household pages.

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  1. This brings back so many memories. My mum had a plaid mohair skirt too - and the dresses were what I saw every day, on my teachers, my mother's friend - everywhere. My mum didn't wear slacks until the late 60's or early 70's - and her drawer was full of beautiful lingerie and slips like those featured. That was a fun post!

  2. Aw, thanks for sharing! These make me miss my mom. :)

  3. Thanks for posting! So fun to see the fashions. I'm with you on the maternity clothes. Love the rolled up jeans with the penny loafers! Not too sure about those hats. I think that's one style I'm glad went out!

  4. Really enjoyed this post - thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. I noticed the Bridal gowns were pretty inexpensive too! We wore dresses to high school and skirts and blouses. All are very familiar styles. I bought most of my clothes using babysitting money I earned at fifty cents an hour.

  6. My mom made all of my clothes, but we used the Sears catalog to get ideas. And she ordered my brothers' clothes from Sears or we visited the huge (for those times in the 50's and 60's) Sears store. You are absolutely right about today's maternity wear. I am always surprised to see the mother-to-be's navel protruding out the front of the skin-tight dress or top. Bring back the pretty maternity tops! Linda

  7. I love the purple dresses and the hats! Not that I would have the guts to wear them. ;)

  8. What a fun catalog, and I love the other catalog posts! It's great to see things you only vaguely remember from your childhood. It seems like so many of the clothes and colors are making a comeback now. Thank you so much for joining the Inspired Sunday party at Sunday View!

  9. Oh my, Jill! This brings back a lot of memories for sure. How fun! I also wore those brown rubber overshoes. We'd wear plastic bags, usually bread bags, over our shoes as the snow inevitably got down inside the boots and we couldn't let our leather shoes get wet and ruined! Great post!

  10. Hi Jill. First let me say thanks so much for following along and getting me to my hundredth day! I checked my Bloglovin feed and realized I was not following you back - I've corrected that error! Second, I LOVE this post! This was a great trip down memory lane. I used to love looking through catalogs when I was little, and I sure wish I still had one. Those hats are a trip! And the slips. And like you, the wedding dresses would have been my favorite page. These girls today wouldn't dream of ordering their wedding dress from a catalog, would they?! Really enjoyed this, thanks for sharing - Dawn

  11. Wow,slips! Love them! And the shoes are amazing ~ I would wear them today ~ thanks for sharing more pages of your catalog, it's so fun to see our pieces of the past ~ Judi

  12. I need a pair of those overboots! I have no occasion to wear them as I don't have any fancy shoes they need to protect, but they are awesome! And some of those dresses are just amazing. Thanks for sharing!

  13. My grandma used to make dresses and skirts like those for my aunts when they were younger. I wonder if they still have them?


  14. My mom sews and I've always loved looking through the patterns :)

  15. Love the page with all the colorful hats!!

  16. How FABULOUS!!! I love them all..well not the ones with fur collars...but all of the others ;) hugs...and tfs!