Thursday, August 22, 2013

Oh, Baby - Eaton's Catalogue - 1961

This time I'm featuring the baby section from my Eaton's winter catalogue from 1961 - these are such fun posts to do - I've done two others from this catalogue - here and here - the baby section is just too cute.  I'm going to show you most of the pages, some are just a bit ordinary - like sheets and cloth diapers!  You could buy a dozen gauze diapers for $2.99, the pins cost 23 cents and the plastic pants were 2 for 49 cents!

Everybody had "walking shoes" back then, even when my children were born, that type of shoe was still popular. I haven't bought children's wear for a lot of years, I know these shoes were expensive when Carla started wearing them in 1983, the most expensive pair of good quality leather shoes was $3.97.  There's some funny names on some of the footwear - I've never heard of "blucher boots" before??

Moving on to the nursery needs page - I guess a change table used to be called a "bathinette" - the solid plastic bath was removable, equipped with drain hose so it could be used in the kitchen, bathroom or nursery, one of these beauties cost $29.95, that seems high, I imagine most people just had the plastic tub that fit in the kitchen sink.  I see the plastic  baby hangers, I had those and there's still some around.  

A layette was probably the way to get all your baby needs with one stop shopping - vests, gowns, safety pins, diapers, blankets, towels and facecloths, quilted pads, sheet, plastic pants.  

Are these two piece pajama sets with snaps still in style?  I used those for my kids - I hope they still have them when I might need to buy baby clothes again, someday I will, I hope!!!

Oh, the babies look happy, decked out in all their finery!!

Let the wind blow - they're ready for snow!!

Look at the Gro-Up Crib Bed - from crib to junior bed -features the ever so handy "Sit-In" side for easy entrance and exit.  Teething rails in white, non toxic plastic!!!  

There's a Pyrex baby bottle on this page - 3 for $1.17

I can't believe the baby seats - I guess it was better than nothing but a far cry from what is used today - everything on this page has changed so much - play pens, seats and especially the car seat!

And to finish it off - the baby carriages and strollers - look at that baby stuffed into that stroller on the bottom - he doesn't look very comfortable!!!  Look at the car beds - striped or plaid were available - I can't even imagine using one of those but I guess people did!!   The strollers are very nice - did you have one for your children?  I had to have one, I felt so proud walking around with my new baby in that blue carriage, but, really, it was never used that much,  my kids were born in August and September, by the time winter was over, they were in a stroller - actually, my stroller looked something like the ones on the bottom and that was 1983 - but now, they have really changed.

As always, click on a pic for a better look.

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  1. What a great look back! I hate to admit it, but my mom had a bathinette and buggy that looked very similar to those top two. There is also a pic of me at about 1 1/2 wearing a yellow winter coat, bonnet, and leggings/pants just like the green set at the bottom. Hmm... suddenly I'm feeling rather old!

  2. Those pictures are so fun to browse through -- thanks for posting them!

    I had a bathinette for my baby dolls when I was little. Thinking back to how rickety it was, especially with water in it, I hope the ones for real babies were sturdier!

    Wonder why they didn't keep that swing out door on the cribs? Seems like it would make life a lot easier, and avoid the whole "drop side" issue they've got going on now. (Not that we ever used the crib we did have.)

  3. I love all of the cute clothes...soft pjs and gowns, little dresses and coats with hats. So very precious! I try to find things like that for my dolls! lol And I had a baby seat that hung over the seat for one of my boys....back in the olden days. When we had a station wagon, we folded the back seat down and all four of them sat back there and played and napped on trips. It's a wonder they survived! heeheehee! Hugs!

  4. I think I actually remember that cover of the catalogue. I would have been 11. How things have changed especially in the bed, strollers and car seats. We had a car bed for our daughter in 1979 and our son in 1981. We used it to go to town or their Grammie's down the road. It was orange flowers and very similar to the ones in the catalogue. My nephews used it in 1970 and 74. So unsafe for todays standards! Our kids had white leather Savage boots for their first walker shoes. My grandkids go around in bare feet or with socks on in the house. We all survived! :)

  5. Oh, those little snow babies are too cute!

  6. Thanks for showing those! I was born in 61 so it was especially meaningful to me.

    I spied some of my beloved Meyercord decals on the baby furniture!

  7. Jill
    Fun post! I saw so many items I had for my children.
    I especially cringe a t the over the seat car seats we had for our kids. they were anything but safe!!
    They do make the 2 pcs. jammies still-my g'children have them.

  8. Awesome illustrations. My mom had a carriage or pram for me too (In 87), I dont think she used it for very long though! Ad I had two piece pjs with snaps too! Im sure theyre still around. I love these posts. :)

  9. I'm loving these catalog pages!
    My mum gave me a huge thick one (prob english) that I think would have been a similar year to this one, when I was 3 or so. This reminds me very much of that. The baby pages were my fav, as well as the ladies with their hats and handbags and gloves!

    I have never seen these in recent years in second hand stores..

  10. Fantastic! I love all of it.

  11. I just can't get enough of that catalog! Aw the baby stuff is too cute. I love the graphics on the ends of the old cribs, too bad they don't still do that. Blessings - Dawn

  12. Hi Jill, the baby stuff certainly has changed. I see a lot of things that I used for my kids. Can't believe I rinsed cloth diapers out in the toilet. lol! One thing's for sure, the car seats have come a long way! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Where can I purchase these strollers does anyone know of a place that sells these items thank you

  14. Wow just love all the old baby clothes, being a big baby myself would love to have some

  15. I have been having cute baby clothes made for myself for many years and at the moment am having a cute lemon coloured romper with smocking and cute ducks on.