Thursday, August 1, 2013

Catching Up..

I haven't  written a blog post in a week - we were in Toronto last weekend and heading to Michigan this weekend, so I better get caught up.  I've been on a berry picking frenzy - I went picking blueberries again this week, that is 6 litres I've picked - they are just so plentiful this year - and they're so good!  Yesterday I picked raspberries, I have to say, that is my least favourite berry to pick - the lady put me in not a great row - it was hard work - I probably picked more than I needed to because I ended up being able to make two batches of jam.  Raspberry jam will be the one I'll be sharing this year..

I was bagging up my blueberries for the freezer and I took a notion to make blueberry muffins - I used a recipe on All Recipes - I've never tried it before but judging by the look and aroma of them - they're going to be good.

We went to Toronto last weekend - Carla was running the 20 k in the Beaches Jazz Tune Up Fun Run - but, that wasn't until Sunday - on Saturday, Carla and I took off for St. Jacobs, we toured the farmers market and then hit the antique markets - sadly, purchases were just about non existent.  We had a great day though, because all the men folk were off at the Canadian Open Golf Tournament!  

Have you ever seen a spoon bracelet?  I didn't have any purchases at this one particular shop - these bracelets were in a bowl at the cash, I bought one for myself and one for Carla, it's her birthday next week.  The tag on it read Grosevnor, 1921, I think it's so neat and it has a magnetic clasp which I like, it's a really unique bracelet!  Excuse the picture, it's not the best, but I just can't take another one!!

Do you ever feel that you go away and you don't take enough pictures, that happened this weekend, I took my good camera with me but it never moved from the trunk, I just took a few with my phone.  I plan to do better this weekend!

How's that for a giant zucchini?  I love fresh Ontario peaches!  We went to Freelton, that's where I purchased these next times.  We also split the sweetest box of vintage children's Christmas cards - but, we forgot to split them, so I'll share those when I get them.  She spotted them so I guess she'll be keeping the box.  

It's a Holt Howard Santa mug - made in Japan, copyright 1960 - too cute!!

Finally, I found myself a Gurley candle.  I bought one online last year after reading so much about them - this is the first one I've ever seen in a shop!!

This Eloise Wilkin book was my only purchase at one of the antique markets at St. Jacobs - as always, the illustrations are just so sweet!

This book is so nice - I picked it up at a Value Village - it appears that it was a library book - it's full of vintage pictures of old Hallmark cards, there's text too, it's going to be interesting to read.

I also found a few Vera's - two on my trip, and two yesterday - the yellow sheer one was only 25 cents - no scarf was more than $1.99.

Sunday was the big run - here's Carla at the half way point - 20 k in 1 hour, 47 minutes - that's nothing to sneeze at!!

I managed to SMASH the race - and that's the only SMASH page I've done this week, I sure wish I had taken more pictures.

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  1. I enjoyed seeing your goodies from your treasure hunting adventure! I love Gurley candles too and almost anything vintage Christmas!! I am not familiar with what "smash" is ~ looks something like a collage layout for the run? Have fun in Michigan! Judi

  2. Nice to get away and find many interesting things. Enjoyed your post very much.

  3. Looks like you had fun! I adore the spoon braclet! And that card book...that looks really fun. I'm glad you found a Gurley!

  4. You didn't seem to do too bad with your finds. I don't know what it is but around here, sales are HORRIBLE this Summer. It's a good thing I have a couple antique fairs coming up.

    Love that spoon bracelet. I have seen rings before but never bracelets.


  5. That book is great - wish I had found it.

    The game looks really good. I would love to make homemade jam with berries I grew, however, berries didn't work out too great last year, so didn't attempt this year - need a yard!

  6. Lucky you with so many great finds! The Gurley candle is so sweet and I love the Santa mug. The card book looks great.

  7. Looks like youve had a great time! Nice finds! :) I cant wait for christmas, Your christmas finds make me excited!

  8. Wow-- you've been. Busy! That is the same muffin recipe I use. It's good-- I cut the topping ingredients in half; too much for me. Love Gurleys! Have quite a lot that were my grandmother's I posted about them last Dec.

  9. P.S. My sister has that same Hallmark book. Isn't it great?

  10. I love the bracelet! And good for Carla, doing that run...and with a smile on her face! :)