Sunday, November 25, 2012

Vera and Christmas

My dry spell for finding Vera's finally is over, for now, anyway, I found six scarves on a thrift shop table, all in a jumble with winter hats, scarves, mitts, I was happy to find one, I just kept digging and ended up with the six, it was my lucky day for sure.. I bet they all belonged to the same lady.   I also found quite a few for resale that day, but that would just make too many scarves on this post and it might be just a bit boring for some people so I'll switch to some little Christmas items I found.

Ladybug Vera

Another Ladybug

A colorful one

These two both have the ladybug, the scarves are the same pattern but different colors, they're sheer scarves


Carol had doubles, so she sent this beauty on to me - thank you!

I found these at a junk thrift shop - I didn't notice until I got home that half of his ear was missing  - he was such a nice size but not much good with a broken ear!.  The plastic Santa still has the tag on, it was made in Hong Kong.  The corsage is in the original box - also made in Hong Kong.  

Have you ever seen a stocking like this?  It's vinyl, sort of ugly, actually - I think I'll be listing it and probably some of the other items, as well.   It's in perfect shape.

I don't want to wash this as I know it will really fade,  it's so bright - and still has the tag on it, it was made in Canada.  Notice on the 4th day, it has colley birds, not calling birds as we normally hear - a colley bird is a type of blackbird

I'm undecided on this little guy - sometimes he's cute, sometimes, he's not.  He's a Josef  Original, the tag is still on the bottom.  What do you think of him?

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  1. Beautiful scarves! Love the little mouse in the last photo. I am always happy to find vintage Christmas items!
    hugs, Linda

  2. i love the josef mouse! i have a few of the deer by him, they are so cute!

  3. Beautiful scarves – I now look for Vera scarves now when I'm out since seeing them on your blog. What does the “ladybug” represent?
    I have a suggestion for your little deer with the broken ear – try to fit him with a mini Santa-hat to cover it! I'm sure you can find or make him one and no one will be the wiser.
    I remember the old Christmas corsages, but the ones I remember were way more colourful – I can’t believe they’re still around!
    And what’s up with that stocking? Very strange shape.

  4. I love Vera scarves. Great designs and I hardly ever find two of the same. Great finds.

  5. Great finds. You really did hit the jackpot with those Vera scarves.

  6. I think the little mouse is cute! I like the plastic santa, you can but similar ones at the dollar store now, but theyre not as cute as the vintage ones! Lovely veras!

  7. I think I would list that stocking as a cankle stocking! lol
    I love that the deer is missing his ear. As if she could get any cuter, you feel bad for her too! :)

  8. I'm not a fan of most Vera designs but that yellow and black one is amazing. Great finds!

  9. Make a glittery top hat for that deer! or a fluffy little santa hat!!! He can be saved!

  10. Wow...a lot of goodness here and I love the little mouse...I think you should keep him and give him a nice home : ) Thanks for sharing ...hugs...