Thursday, February 20, 2014

My Favourite Pyrex

How did your Pyrex collection begin?  Mine began back in 2010, I read an article about it and that set me off on a hunt for just any piece of Pyrex I could find, it didn't matter if I liked it or not, I had to buy it!!!  I have since come to my senses, I don't need every piece out there and most importantly, I don't have the space for it.  I love every piece I have though and I have quite a few patterns, promotionals, carafes,  bowls galore, casseroles...  I'm not lacking in the Pyrex department, that's for sure!! 


My first piece was my Mom's big yellow bowl from the primary set - what was your first piece?  Believe me, it didn't take me long to find the whole set, thrifted, of course.  She  had the Colonial Mist set of mixing bowls and the Autumn Harvest Bake, Serve and Store set - I would never give any of those away.  At one time I also had a Colonial Mist Cinderella bowl set, what was I thinking, those bowls  take up so much space, I've since sold it!!

So, do you have a favourite piece of Pyrex?  I have a few - but the Charcoal Snowflake pieces have to be my very favourite, I need one more piece - the 1.5 quart casserole.  I have never seen one of these in a thrift, I was lucky enough to find them over time in antique shops when I was away on trips - it'll just be luck if I ever find that other piece.

Fridgies are probably my favourite pieces - they're definitely my most used pieces - these are my complete sets, but I have more individual ones...  These fridgies would be my Pyrex weakness, I think I HAVE to buy them!!

I like my Moon Deco too - it's a special one, my son gave it to me for Christmas.

I have one piece of Pyrex that came in the original box - this "Big Bertha" Homestead casserole - my daughter found it at a thrift - it's so great to cook a ham in.

I would love to have more Christmas themed Pyrex, but I consider myself lucky to have this one lone piece.  Christmas Pyrex is just not something I ever hope to see at a thrift shop, but I can hope....but until then, I'll put this beautiful Golden Leaf out every year!

When you are a new collector, the hunt for Pyrex can be so much fun, oh, to see one of those beauties sitting at the thrift store for cheap - it made for some perfect days!!

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  1. You have a lot of nice pieces!

    My first Pyrex was a gifted red fridgie- it's still my only fridgie!

    I only have one gooseberry piece and it's probably my favorite pattern.

    I buy any piece I find but only because I want to have a booth. I know I won't keep all mine. I have a small house!

  2. I think Pyrex will be my next obsession, I mean collection. I love it all!


  3. You have a real treasure in the one from your mother. That set is very costly in antique malls.

  4. I remember when Hanna and I bought every single piece we saw, hence the huge Pyrex filled table at our garage sale last summer! Pyrex is few and far between at the thrifts around here lately and I'm okay with that. I'm really happy with what I have and have since directed my attention to Fire King & Jadeite! It never ends:-)


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  6. That is a fantastic picture of your black snowflake pieces! You have a really fun collection.
    So my first piece was a butterprint fridgie that I didn't even realize was Pyrex, I just like the size. Then I went home, looked it up and BOOM!!! I was totally hooked. That one little piece changed my world. I'm so grateful for it because it helped me make so many wonderful friends.
    : )

  7. I like Black Snowflake, too. Aside from my 2 mint Space Savers, mine were all thrift store finds. I have the completed set (somewhere). I live your fridgie picture - I see those pinks in there!

    You were right to get rid of those Colonial Mist Cindys. Such an ugly pattern, although, I know you are one in a few who like it. I'm not fond of Woodland, but it was passed down to us. We use it everyday. Never get rid of it.

    We had Homestead growing up. Not a pattern I collect now. Largest one was the bowl my sister & I used for popcorn using the self popper. My BFs mom gave us a set of Woodland before I collected when we moved in together. When I started . collecting. & she found out they were . collectable she wanted them back... haha..

  8. Oh, my favourite pieces are Space Savers.

    I love my coral red snowflake best, esp because it was a mint condition thrift store find. Very rare these guys.

  9. You have a great collection. I went nuts on Pyrex 10 years ago, and now have paired down to a reasonable number of bowls and casseroles that I actually use all the time, and my refrigerator dishes, I'm still addicted to them.

    Oh, the deco bowl from your son is amazing!! What a great gift & good son. :)

  10. It all started with an article in Country Living, or maybe it was Southern Living. Addiction born. My fave is probably my kelly green 024, because it's in such good condition and a bit uncommon. Great article, Jill!

  11. You have lovely pieces! I only have one piece of Pyrex actually and I don't often see them at the thrift shops.

  12. I can't remember my first piece because I have always had some. I did have the primary bowls I bought at a yard sale and used for years and years. (I never knew how much they cost! Thank you) I broke the big yellow bowl and mentioned to my sister that I was looking for another. She went to her cupboard and pulled out a big yellow bowl and told me it was our grandmothers yellow bowl! That was very exciting and now it's my favorite piece. So precious, I don't use that set anymore.

  13. You have some wonderful pieces, I have only been collecting for about a year so I am all too familiar with that thrill of finding a piece on a thrift store shelf lol.

  14. Wow, you have an amazing collection Jill! I never even knew there was black snowflake. I do have one aqua snowflake. I have one green and white casserole that was from my wedding. I only have 4 fridgies. One large and 3 small. They are among my favs and I use them all the time for leftovers. My favorites are anything aqua. However my first pieces were a set of the pink Gooseberry and a pink striped set. My friends, Aunt Bunny was selling them and I just thought they were so sweet. Thanks for sharing your amazing collection with SYC.