Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Me and The Simpsons Sears Winter Catalogue, 1968

I was looking at my bin of old magazines and catalogues today, I haven't shared any of those catalogues for a while, so, here we go,  with the Simpsons Sears Fall and Winter book of 1968.  I was ten years old in 1968...

My orlon pile fur was very similar to the green jacket on the lower left, it even had the fringe on the bottom.  Wasn't that a serviceable jacket - it could only be dry cleaned!

Of course, I had a Sunday coat for Sunday School and "good" - that's me and Mom - notice my behive hat and mitts to match, Mom made those.

Surely I wasn't still wearing those strapper type overboots when I was ten, I don't know but I know mine were never red, they were boring brown!   At one time I had a pair of those simulated seal skin boots, I must have been the height of fashion, or thought I was!!!

Hot pink must have been the in color that year, I remember getting that shirtdress and stockings for my birthday - I think this must be after those other pictures, my hair is cut.  Remember fiberglass curtains, that's what my grandmother had hanging there.    And the stretch slim plants with the attached footstraps, like stirrup pants, I guess - I'm sitting there with my Dad - notice the curtains again and chair.

There's a set just like the one we had.

This is the exact curtains that are hanging on the livingroom window on the above picture - they're in the little picture on the right.

There's a few other things I remember - 

Striped sheets on my bed..

A big old orange piece of glassware on the coffee table, sitting on a doily.

The woodgrain kitchen set - we never had the 3 way dispenser or the matching garbage can - just the breadbox and canister set.

I was surprised to see these dishes on the lower left - I don't have to remember these at all, I can just go to the basement and open a container - they belonged to my grandmother and are supposed to be Carla's, well, they're still sitting here......

Hope you enjoyed a little look back to 1968 - it's always fun.

I'm linking up with Dawn at We Call it Junkin - she also has some old ads up today from the 60's,  check it out.


  1. Fun era! Love your own photos next to the catalog pages. My sister had a coat very similar to the dark red with the bottom trim-- it was a hand-me-down from someone. Like that sofa!

  2. I love your old catalog posts, so neat to see everything in the 1968 contest (I am "vintage of 1969") Cheers

  3. That was a fun look through! Enjoyed the pics you shared of your younger years too!

  4. What a fun way to tell a bit of your life story...through a catalog. That is so original...I wish I had thought of it! I did a few blog posts sharing what I was like when I was my granddaughters' ages. I may steal your idea when I update as they get a bit older. Fun!

  5. This was great, Jill! Thanks for the mention, too. I especially like the canister sets and all the dishes, well, of course, right? Thanks so much for sharing this at my History & Home link party. Take care! -Dawn @ We Call It Junkin.com

  6. The couches and tables, I want!

  7. What fun to look back. I love the photos of YOU! I was a teenager (and a mother) by that year and what fun it was to order from the catalog. You couldn't wait for the package to come! I'd like to order some pretty sheets, too! Hugs!

  8. Such a fun post Jill! I loved going back in time to 1968 and your photos beside the catalog were such fun to see. (You're a few years younger than I am - just had the big six-uh-oh birthday. OUCH!)

    Happy week to you!

  9. Oh my! We had the same avocado green childhood! I remember the Sears Christmas catalog and making our lists for Santa complete with page number and alpha letter, name of item! Thanks for the fun stroll down memory lane

  10. Love these posts Jill, you kind of resemble that girl with the orange knee socks in the fourth picture down, the one where your with your dad. haha! I need more vintage magazines and the like!!

  11. Oh boy! I was 18 that winter and do remember those fashions. The seal skin boots were all the rage and the pile jackets. We had a gold canister set for the kitchen and I know my friend had a similar couch and curtains. Love these old photos. Thanks for sharing them.

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  13. Great post Jill! I remember the pantsuits as we weren't allowed to wear pants to school UNLESS it was a pantsuit. I had a green one with white piping and a purple and white herringbone with a tunic--I wore a white turtleneck underneath. I'll never forget them!