Friday, February 28, 2014


Do you find a book you like and then want to read all the books by that author?  It happens to me often and I just did it again.  The author was Curtis Sittenfeld and this was the first book that hooked me in.

I won't lie, I liked the cover and when I read the description, I thought it would be a good read.  I really liked this book - it's a mirror of the life of Laura Bush - beginning with childhood and ending when "Alice" leaves the White House - very interesting.  

So, then, I moved on the only other book the library had by Ms. Sittenfeld - I really liked this one too, the tale of identical twin sisters who both share ESP powers, this story also begins in childhood and continues on to adulthood - the two sisters are complete opposites in life - but share that unmistakable bond of twins.  

After reading two books, I wanted more so I had the library order the other two for me - not so good, it was all downhill from there.  I read them but didn't really enjoy them, especially "Prep" which was a Best Seller book - it was torture to get through, "Man of My Dreams" was only marginally better.

Last night I started this one, I really like it, I read seventy five pages last night,   but I'm safe, I've already read the author's two other books.

For the first time, I'm linking up with Literary Friday - maybe I'll find a new author to try!  


  1. I'm almost positive that I have The Silver Star in my book hoard upstairs. I'll have to check.

    Remember to try The Virgin of Small Plains & The Scent of Rain & Lightning by Nancy Pickard. I've pushed these books on everybody I know who loves to read. :-)


  2. I read The Silver Star and loved it. This is one of my favorite authors. But I know what you mean...not all books by the same author are good. I'll write down the ones you liked on my reading list. I'm so glad you linked today! It's a great way to share good books! Sweet hugs!

  3. I tried to read Prep and it was not my kind of book at all!! I too read a book by an author I like and then want to ready everything...not always good. But hey, it's worth a shot!

  4. YAY! Welcome to Literary Friday! I haven't read any of Sittenfeld's books yet, but Sisterland has been on my list for a long time.

    I tend to want to read everything an author has written when I'm blown away by a book. And I do hate it when I'm disappointed!

    Thanks so much for linking-up to Literary Friday! We've been in New Orleans since Friday @ Mardi Gras. Happy to be home!

    Ricki Jill