Thursday, April 4, 2013

Look What I Found!

Do you like the selection of bed sheets now?  They mostly all seem to be solid colours now and every set of sheets is about the thread count, when did that word become so important in the world of sheets?   I bought a nice pair after Christmas, a higher thread count than I've ever bought before - I don't like them - they're rough, wrinkly and why can't we find sheets made in Canada or the US any more, the ones I bought were made in China.   So, when I saw these yesterday at Value Village - new in the package - they caught my attention, I hesitated at first but came to my senses, real quick!

What are the chances of finding an unopened vintage pair of Wabasso sheets that were made in Canada?   Not much chance, really, but I found a set!   I know the price is a bit high for Value Village but, it's a deal, good sheets are expensive!  If you click on the pic, you can see the last part of the Kmart sticker, Kmart hasn't been in Canada for a long time, somebody  had these packed away in their linen closet for a while...

Into the washer they went..

Now they're on the bed - I think I was drawn to them because I remember Mom having Wabasso sheets and I used to have a yellow room.    I was worried that the elastic might be gone in the bottom sheet and that it might not fit on the larger mattress of today - no need to worry, everything was perfect!  They're so bright, I'm so glad I bought them, I wonder what kind of sleep we'll have tonight...

I paid 50 cents for this Made in Japan children's mug

We have all these games but I bought them for...

smashing - I'm planning to do a couple of pages on boardgames, because we love our boardgames!!

These old tags and stickers will be going to the Smash book too.  I paid only $4 for the games and stickers - there are lots of possibilities at the thrifts for smashing...

Does anyone out there know anything about these dolls??  I bought the one on the left yesterday, only because I knew she looked like my doll that I've had since I was a little girl and sure enough, they're the same - maybe sisters??  I spent a long time last night checking out Pinterest, Ebay, Google Images  - I can't find this doll anywhere.  I used to call her Debbie but I don't really know if that was her real name or just a name I used.  I have a couple more outfits for mine, including that very same skirt.

The doll is about 8 inches tall - the face are rubber, the body is not.  There are no  markings at all on their bodies.  Look at the snaps, the clothes are so cute!  Every time I've had a question like this before, someone has come through, I'll be waiting....

Last week I found a couple more Vera's for my collection

Remember the dayI found all those scarves?  I must have missed this one - but, they're all gone now....

This is such a different Vera and I have to say thank you to Paulette over at  Cheerful Thrifty Door.  Paulette found this at an estate sale and was so kind to send it to me - it's one of the more unique scarves I have.

Paulette sent me this beautiful Easter card - she found these cards which were just perfect for her because she is of Polish descent.  It's sweet!

I'll say it again - people that I've "met" in the blogging world are so generous and kind - thank you so much, Paulette.  

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  1. Wow Jill, you got a good haul!! I swear we had a set of those sheets when I was growing up! And those game pieces are neat. Are those Revlon dolls? They look like it in their face, they are very cute!

  2. I think we had those very sheets in gold, and blue too! They were so thick and washed up so well. I agree with you that the sheets today are miserable quality. We pay $60. or more for Queen sheets with high thread count and they aren't worth it. Mind you the old sheets won't go near the new mattresses today. They wouldn't fit over the tops! You found and received some other interesting things too, Jill. I actually looked at scarves at VV the other day and bought one but it had no name on it. I just liked the pretty pastel roses. :) Pam

  3. That's quite a haul.. as for sheets
    I don't like the sheets that are sold
    in stores now.. the feel is awful no
    matter the price.. the set you speak of I've never heard of them but will
    keep my eyes out!
    thanks for sharing

  4. I swear, Jill. We either knew each other in a previous life or we are destined to meet in person someday! Have you noticed my obsession lately with vintage sheets and pillowcases? AND, Maddie runs right to the games at every thrift store we go to searching for Scrabble games so that she can use the tiles for crafting! Great minds definitely think alike:-)

    I love those sheets you found. I have yet to find any new in the original packaging but I know I will someday.

    Have a wonderful rest of the week,



  6. Vintage sheets are great! The quality sure isn't the same as it was back in the day! I saw a set of those exact same Easter mugs! I had them in my cart but decided my glassware is getting out of control.
    Those dolls are very sweet- I don't know much about vintage dolls other then Kewpie dolls.

  7. Really pretty sheets and not a bad price for a new set at all. Love your new Vera scarves!

    hugs, Linda

  8. Love your finds! Those sheets are awesome. As is everything else. I love that doll, so sweet! What are the chances that youd find the same kind you have! Sorry I dont know much about them - or anything for that matter.

    Happy Friday!

  9. I just had to click on your link at the Thrifty Groove when I saw Wabasso... I just found a Wabasso rabbit bank the other day and added him to my Easter decor! I love it so, he'll not be put away with the rest of the Easter decorations ;)

    Great find on the sheets! Wow!

  10. Nice finds! I agree about the dolls being Revlon. I had the 14" version when young. Think yours are the Little Miss Revlon dolls.

  11. Congrats on the sheets! These will last forever or until you can't stand them anymore...

    I'm happy to see they fit the big ass mattresses of today.

    The bunny on the mug looks very familiar I thing this is the same design on the Laura Secord eggs (YUM!)

    1. Yes, I remember the bunny mug from Laura secord. It came in a basket with the creme egg, the box had the same image printed on it. Just found a mug myself.

  12. Pretty sheets and I am jealous of your Scrabble games...I have been looking for one too!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I do love my new exercise bike!!


  13. Great finds! The mug is so adorable and I really love the Christmas tags and stickers!

  14. Love love love the sheets! So cool to find them new. You always find the Vera's too!

  15. the little dollies are so sweet. Glad you are giving them a good home. The sheets are so pretty, and will ensure golden slumbers, that is for sure.

  16. Jill, I hear you about the sheets girl. I bought a high count number not to long ago and hated them. Great find! I always buy scrabble games to use in my crafts. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup.